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Over the years, has shared stories and advice from practitioners who have given back—using their PM skills to make their communities, their organizations and their teams better. Here we collect this inspiring content, including articles presented as part of our annual Open House from The PMI Educational Foundation, which champions its mission of Project Management for Social Good®. These articles and webinars will show you how much of a difference you can make with your PM skills outside of work!

PM Philanthropy

How You Can Give Back With Your PM Skills During the Pandemic

by Michael Wood

If you have a philanthropic heart and have strong entrepreneurial, project management and business acumen skills and talents, the world needs you now more than ever. Here's how your PM skills can be put to use outside of work.

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30 Years of PMIEF

by Bernardo Tirado
August 04, 2020 | 28:27 | Views: 968 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.47 / 5

As the philanthropic arm of PMI, PMIEF was originally established to manage the generous scholarship funds donated by grateful members and organizations. Today, the foundation has grown to reach over 200,000 youth per year across the globe and continues to provide valuable scholarships and awards, along with over 30 educational resources and guides offered in multiple languages.

PMIEF Open House Series

How PM Skills Can Make an Impact on Kids


Joslyn Sato—the Academic Outreach Director for the PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter—knows the importance of teaching youth project management as a life skill. It’s not only a key part of her role, it’s a key lesson she shares with her kids every day.

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Destination Imagination: Teaching Youth the Importance of Project Management

by Caitlin Sullivan, Andrew Whitmire
December 03, 2019 | 60:30 | Views: 47,670 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.47 / 5

Ever wonder what your life would have looked like if you learned project management early in life? If you said yes, you’re not alone. We’ve wondered – if we learned PM skills as life skills early on, what would life look like now and how can we help young people today?


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