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What is a Process Blade?

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Process Blade Notation

A process blade encompasses a cohesive part of your overall organizational way of working (WoW). Each process blade addresses a specific organizational capability, such as Data ManagementContinuous Improvement, or Vendor Management. Process blades are sometimes called process areas, key process areas (KPAs), or business functions. 

Posted by Scott Ambler on: September 23, 2016 08:32 AM | Permalink

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While I respect both the right and the qualifications to coin a new term, thereby adding to an already incomprehensible collection of proprietary verbiage, it seems better to value more that "preference for existing terminology", rather than attempting to somehow delight our customers with the exclusionary use of IT infrastructure as a definition.
With that respect, could we consider re-defining a "blade" as a single slice of a Way of Working?

Stephen, that's a great idea. We will rethink the definition and update accordingly.

Process blade assist the practitioners in managing the project at hand to deliver outputs that enable envisioned outcomes

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