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Today's world is influenced by change. Project managers and their organizations need to embrace and sometimes drive changes to keep up with the pace in highly competitive environments. In this blog, experienced professionals share their experiences, tips and tools to manage and exploit changes and take advantage of them. The blog is complimentary to the webinar series of the Change Management Community Team and is managed by the same individuals.

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Change fast, Change forward

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The world that we are facing today is so rapidly changing that leaders need a whole new range of skill sets, mindset and heartset in order to survive in this ‘Age of Flux’. It is not only required to change rapidly and adapt to the situations at hand but also change for the better being forward looking rather than resting on past laurels or basing decisions on what worked earlier. There exists an incessant need to – Change fast, Change FORWARD!  So how is this possible? Let's look at some strategies.

  1. Ringing in change as the change leader - As a leader look for opportunities where you could influence key changes at the macro-level at the organization so that the environment, people and/or culture are made conducive to changes in the future.
  2. Being  a continuous learner, constantly upgrading and up-skilling are  sure shot ways of staying ahead of the curve
  3. Thought Leadership – Be a frontrunner in getting your views across platforms that will set you apart as a thought leader and subject matter expert and go-to person in the chosen field
  4. Making conscious efforts to be as centered as possible through various centering exercises such as meditation since sometimes the situations could be highly demanding and overwhelming and it needs leaders to respond appropriately as well as being decisive irrespective of their present state of mind or situation
  5. Bring about that internal shift in mindset to embrace change, as tomorrow is never going to be the same as yesterday or even today
  6. Being compassionate to self, team and stakeholders will be a vital aspect of continuous fruitful engagement of all stakeholders
  7. Keeping your true north intact while tiding over challenges so that there are no regrets for one’s actions
  8. Having a clear vision for yourself, your team and your organization and constantly evaluate the standings vis-à-vis unfolding scenarios such as the current work-from-home model adopted by most companies and likely future scenarios

Such an eclectic approach with changes to the skill set, mindset and heartset might possibly be a game-changer and augur well for leaders to Change FAST and Change FORWARD and constantly stay ahead in facing challenges of the 21st century workspace.

Posted by Kavitha Gunasekaran on: October 12, 2020 12:42 PM | Permalink

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Merci beaucoup Kavitha,
I enjoyed your writeup and especially the point on "Being a continuous learner, constantly upgrading and up-skilling are sure shot ways of staying ahead of the curve"

Merci bien Kwiyuh. I am so happy that the post resonated with you. Your thoughts increase my belief in learning continuously to be impactful during changing dynamics.

Thank you for sharing Kavitha

Some great strategies.

We could never play a game to our full potential without first knowing the rules, just as we cannot stay ahead of the curve without continuous learning and upskilling....

Loved the article Kavitha. Something, I was thinking for a long time.

Thank you Amrapali, Julie Ann and Eduin for the encouraging words. Changing forward has never been so important.

Thanks for the article, Kavitha. Always great to be inspired.

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