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Update: Scaling Factors of Tactical Agility

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Scaling Factors Update

We've have recently updated our thinking around the tactical scaling factors that we apply in DA to help understand the context faced by a team or organization. Figure 1 depicts the original scaling factors and Figure 2 the new scaling factors.  Below we discuss what changed and how this can affect anyone taking a Disciplined Agile (DA) certification exam.


Figure 1. The (original) scaling factors of the SDCF.

Scaling factors of the Software Development Context Framework (SDCF).


Figure 2. The scaling factors of the SCF.

Scaling Factors of the Situation Context Framework (SCF)

What's Changed?

The changes we made were motivated by our experiences applying the scaling factors outside of IT teams.  Originally these scaling factors were described by the Software Development Context Framework (SDCF) which we evolved into the Situation Context Framework (SCF) in late 2020.  Here is what has changed:

  1. Renamed Technical Complexity to Solution Complexity so as to generalize the concept.
  2. Added Skill Availability as a scaling factor. 
  3. Reworked the naming of several options for the scaling factors to make the spectrum of choices clearer and more general.


Implications for DA Certification Exams

As you can see in Scaling Factors we have made it clear that the exam will test you for knowledge about the original version for now (in Figure 1) and that when we update the courseware and exam to reflect this update we will let you know. In general our intent is that whenever material on the web gets ahead of what is being tested for that we'll make it clear that this has happened.  More on this in a future blog posting.


Further Reading

  1. The blog posting Choosing Your WoW: The Situation Context Framework (SCF) overviews the SCF in detail, including descriptions of each scaling factor.
  2. The article Scaling Factors provides a good summary of the scaling factors portion of the SCF.
  3. The article Tactical Agility at Scale: Scaling Agile at the Team Level provides a summary for how DA applies the SCF.








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Excellent one , great example of adaptation and generalisation to enterprise level

Awesome! The color coding of the dots in each of the scaling factors in "The scaling factors of the SCF" brought with renaming of the options

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