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PMI Scheduling Conference 2017

29 March 2016, 9am - 5pm ET (Doors open at 8:30AM ET) | Online

New technologies, hybrid projects, the launch of a PMO—when the environment is constantly changing, how do you craft a schedule (or multiple schedules) for project success? Discover timely answers here—and only here—at the PMI Scheduling Conference 2017, exclusively for PMI members.

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Organization Agility 2016: A Transformation Path to the Strategic and Agile PPMO

by Sarah Nunez
September 14, 2016 | 61:08 | Views: 249 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.67 / 7

Changes in today’s market place, technology, digital business, new regulations and people expectations (just to name a few)— are all challenging the way we do business. They have created an accelerated environment where we need to be more strategic and agile in order to deliver with excellence. During this session, learn the characteristics of the Agile and High Performing PMO and a transformation approach to support the business.

Getting Project Risk Management Right

by Mario Trentim, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP
September 06, 2016 | 53:59 | Views: 3,278 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.44 / 7

Identifying risks that are not related to the project is a common mistake, leading to incorrect analysis and poor responses. The end result is that risk management is frequently adding more waste and inefficiency instead of helping to increase project success rates.

Application of Balanced Scorecard in Project Portfolio Management

by S. Ramani
July 06, 2016 | 61:11 | Views: 2,102 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.27 / 7

Balanced Scorecard has been one of the most successful business management tools applied during the last few decades, leading to better business performance. The strength of the balanced scorecard lies in linking the strategy development with its planning to achieve the objectives.

PMXPO 2016: Redefining your PMO

by Stephen Maye, Andy Jordan, Mark Price Perry
April 28, 2016 | 60:17 | Views: 2,938 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.76 / 7

The PMO can be a powerful tool to support organizational success. However, a PMO requires not just a well-defined purpose from the start, but ongoing redefinition to ensure fitness of use and value-based longevity. In this session, well-known industry experts will explain how PMOs can be positioned to deliver specific leadership team-determined business value, lead in the adoption and maturity of both traditional plan-driven and agile project-related practices, and drive effective execution of initiatives to achieve strategic goals.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Manpower/Resource Mobilization-Demobilization Schedule

PREMIUM deliverable
by Anas Khan

After calculating the resources required (with the help of company productivity norms and with the time available), this schedule will help project stakeholders have a clear idea about the current and future manpower requirements for any given construction project.

Work Stream Tracking Template

by Stephane Parent

Large projects often require tracking by work streams. Work streams are the progressive completion of tasks by a specific group or project team. For example, the work streams for a manufacturing facility may include engineering, drafting, procurement, fabrication, quality control and shipping.

Stakeholder Analysis: Power/Interest Matrix

by Alvaro H. Beckerig

This Power vs. Interest Matrix template—developed with Microsoft Excel and little bit of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—is the ideal tool for stakeholder analysis. Fill the fields with your stakeholders name, give a number to power and interest, classify the engagement and write the stakeholder's expectations. After all stakeholders are identified, print the matrix and keep monitoring the power and interest of each stakeholder during project execution.

Leadership and Communication


Communication and leadership go hand in hand. You will fail as a project manager if you cannot communicate your intentions and the progress of your project to team members and executive management on a regular basis. This presentation will help you take the reins of your project by teaching you the fundamentals of communication.

Project Archive Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

This checklist helps you with the ins and outs of archiving your project for posterity.

Learn From Others

Defining the PMO Role

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

What is the role of the project management office? While each organization may be different, there are some common characteristics of PMOs that should be considered in order for it to be a useful.

Creating PMO Dashboards for Reporting Projects, Portfolios and Programs

by Nilanjan Kar

Consolidating and reporting all aspects of a project can be a challenge. Experience with managing projects teaches the importance of emphasizing relevant data versus following a prescribed format—follow these key points to create a template for dashboard reporting that is tailored to the needs of your audience.

10 Resolutions to Help You and Your PMO in 2017

by Robert Bulger

’Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. But instead of gym memberships and bucket lists, what about concentrating this year's resolutions on your PMO? Try this list on for size. It's designed to give you and your PMO a successful, prosperous and benefit realized 2017.

3 Warning Signs Your New PMO Has Lost Its Swagger

by Jesse Santana

What should you focus on if you’ve landed a job in a new PMO that is outright ineffective? Here are three signs that your newly branded PMO has lost its swagger—and tips to help you forge onward, even when the path is not clear.

PMOs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Bruce Garrod

Is there a gold fortune buried somewhere in your organization? Before you call in Clint, read this article, which reviews three different PMOs from the writer's experience--and provides a perspective on their effectiveness.

PMO for Emerging Technologies

by Kevin Coleman

There are many emerging technologies that will generate a number of programs and projects in the next few years. Read about three of the top emerging technologies that are likely to find their way into many projects—and thus impact PMOs.

Are You and Your Executive Team in Harmony?

by Andy Jordan

As the new year begins, it’s time to look at what the PMO achieved last year and identify opportunities for improvement. For that to be effective, the PMO and leadership must be aligned.

Strategic Project Management: New Skills for the Modern-Day PM

by Ajaykumar Kittur

Developing the business acumen to understand and provide the right feedback to senior leadership to pick and choose the right projects that will help achieve the larger strategic objectives is essential for the modern-day PM. Are you ready for the challenge?

In Pursuit of the Perfectly Defined PMO

by Laura Burford

The term “PMO” means different things to different people, leaving room for interpretation. Determining the type of PMO requires a project manager to be a strategic thinker possessing technical project and business management expertise.

5 Steps for Setting up a New PMO

by Barath Balasubramanian

The key to designing and setting up a successful PMO organizational unit is an experienced PMO leader who can provide effective leadership, from articulating a vision to delivering best-in-class PMO practices. This article provides a five-step guide to setting up a PMO from scratch.

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