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Making a Compelling Case for Change

Nov 1, 2017 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Many organisations are on a change treadmill – from continuous improvement to operating model transformation - that can stress their people, processes and technology. How can leaders and project managers reduce the people impact of this “change treadmill” – where people can lose their bearings and ultimately impact performance? This is where a compelling case for change comes in.

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How to Inspire Change Capability

by Brian Hampton
October 04, 2017 | 59:02 | Views: 1,464 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.32 / 7

During this webinar, we discuss the potential benefits of advancing change management maturity and start a conversation about how to inspire change capability where employees and leaders expect and thrive on transformative opportunities.

5 W’s of Change Management

by Bharat Mathur
September 06, 2017 | 66:46 | Views: 4,194 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.75 / 7

In this webinar, we are going to address the urgency of Change Management with focus on ‘Internet of Things’ in its various ‘avatars.’ We shall also solve the puzzle of the five imposing Ws that force us to think out of the box.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Change Readiness Assessment (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable


Change Log Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Baria Abu Ghoush

Change management is one area of project management that will cause serious problems if not carefully managed. This change log template can be used by the project manager to log and track change requests throughout the life of the project.

Flowchart: Change Request Process

PREMIUM presentation
by Baria Abu Ghoush

This single-page PDF flowchart depicts the process for facilitating communication about requested changes among the stakeholders of any project, providing a common process for resolving requested changes and reported problems, and reducing the uncertainty around the existence, state and outcome of a change that has been requested in a work product. Use it as a visual refresher or teaching tool.

Learn From Others

One Solution for Project Success: Project and Change Management in the PMBOK Guide

white paper
by Thomas Luke Jarocki

Project management is primarily an integrative job. This includes the integration of change management principles and activities throughout the project lifecycle. Unfortunately, many practitioners--regardless of their backgrounds--find it difficult to integrate strong change management principles and techniques with project management practices. PMI standards hold many of the keys required for developing structured and robust change management activities without the need to create a separate or adjunct change management plan.

Uncover 3 Hidden Change Levers to Successfully Execute your Strategy (Japanese Translation)

by Jeroen De Flander

調査によれば、「成功戦略を実行する」は上級指導者にとって懸念事項のトップ2です。私達はすばらしい戦略を開発することの一つだと知っています。実行戦略は真の課題が発生する場所です。破壊的な環境では、成功するためにはしっかりとした変更コンパスが不可欠です。このエキサイティングセッションでは、ベストセラーの著者Jeroen De Flander教授が、戦略を成功に導くために、シニアリーダーが習得する必要のある3つの重要な変更レバーを明らかにする予定です。

Changing Work, Changing Needs

by Andy Jordan

As project work shifts and evolves to meet the changing needs of the business, what are the implications for our teams—and how do we manage them?

Lean-Driven Project Management: Q&A

by Norbert Majerus

Our webinar Lean-Driven Project Management shared some lean principles and practices and gave examples of how they could be used in a large variety of projects. Here, the presenter continues the conversation with this Q&A session that followed his presentation.

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