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Acknowledge It to Manage It – 4 Steps to Recovery

by Anton Oosthuizen
August 10, 2017 | 65:18 | Views: 2,865 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.52 / 7

When initiating a high profile project there is a very good chance that you will start on the back foot, already one week behind a schedule that still needs to be agreed. In this session, we use a very simple analogy to illustrate why you would not want to reach for the low hanging fruit immediately.

No Requirements, No Problem!

by Kevin Richardson
June 29, 2017 | 61:32 | Views: 3,508 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 5.29 / 7

Kevin Richardson will walk through some common examples of two types of projects and how to wrestle them to the ground.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

High-Level Planning and Cost Estimation Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable
by Eduard Hernandez

This sample Excel worksheet includes a Gantt chart with resource estimation (man hour, machine hour) and cost estimation. It provides a quick way to calculate project budget and project selling price.

Project/Program S-Curve Analysis Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Islam Moussa

This Excel tool was developed to assist project managers in preparing simple project/program S-curves by entering a small amount of data and presenting it in a professional report for project participants. The tool calculates activity finish dates, draws a bar chart of activities, distributes cost uniformly over durations and uses generated cost data to present a project cost chart.

Project Scope Statement Template (PMBOK® Guide Aligned) (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Markus Klein, PMP


Flowchart: Change Request Process

PREMIUM presentation
by Baria Abu Ghoush

This single-page PDF flowchart depicts the process for facilitating communication about requested changes among the stakeholders of any project, providing a common process for resolving requested changes and reported problems, and reducing the uncertainty around the existence, state and outcome of a change that has been requested in a work product. Use it as a visual refresher or teaching tool.

Project Definition Checklist


This checklist is designed to help you ask and answer the tough questions about what defines your project and its mission. Before you start any work, take a quick look to make sure you haven't forgotten something important. (Hint: This document is excellent material for putting together your project plan!)

Learn From Others

3 Questions Every Sponsor Should Ask of Agile Project Teams

by Kevin Aguanno, CSPM (IPMA-B), Cert.APM, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, FPMAC, FAPM

While there are many governance data points that can be gathered and analyzed to help make go/no-go decisions, there are three in this writer's experience that stand out as being the most important.

Advanced Project Management Pitfalls: Purpose, Not Process

by Sean Gwaltney

Our bias toward comfortable processes hides the root cause of failure. One of the root causes on experienced teams? The misalignment of purpose and process. Here, the author provides an easy-to-implement, purpose-driven organizational methodology that helps eliminate this risk.

Constructing Scope Definition

by Manavasi Ramesh

One of the major reasons for project failure is the occurrence of unforeseen events that disrupt the smooth running of the project and cause irrecoverable deviation from the plan. How can we help minimize the risk when it comes to scope definition in construction projects?

Project Estimations: Theory vs. Reality

by Wilson Ngan

Your cost, schedule and resource estimates need to be realistic. But for this practitioner, that wasn't always the case in an effort to garner sponsor and customer approval. What would you do in this situation?

The Funnel Problem

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

No matter where you work or what project you are assigned to, there is bound to be a funnel somewhere in the organizational hierarchy. How you work through and around that funnel may determine just how successful your project will be.

The Top 10 Reasons Projects Fail (Part 2) (Japanese Translation)

by Marc Lacroix

私たちは皆、一般にビジネス界の落とし穴を知っていて、避けなければならないことを理解していますが、最も明らかなトラップは、時には私たちが陥りやすいものです。特に、数多くの競合する優先事項を持つプロジェクトを管理し、 先行する道を離れてください。 この2部構成の記事シリーズは、プロジェクトが失敗する上位10の理由を特定し、共通のプロジェクト管理の落とし穴を回避する方法に焦点を当てています。

Business Requirement Techniques for Delivering Value While Controlling Scope (Japanese Translation)

by Joy Beatty

組織は、新しく改良されたソリューションが利害関係者にとって価値のあるメリットをもたらし、適切な投資収益率をもたらすという前提でプロジェクトを立ち上げます。 ビジネス要件を理解することで、チームが実際にこれらのメリットを確実に実現できるようになります。

Managing a Presales Project: How Different Is It?

by Paul Visser

We generally talk about managing projects that were sold to our customers. But how about the management of a presales project? Is that just like managing any other project? Do we have the same constraints? Is it less stressful?

Department of Defense PM: Forget About the Baselines!

by Greg Lewis

Some baseline calculations become much more intricate when dealing with large projects, especially when fielding new technologies. But at the end of the day, the premise is the same. Is our project within scope, on schedule and within budgeted costs?

Smart Budget Allocation for Project-Oriented Organizations

by Jakub Marciniak

Spending decisions in a PMO can foster or impede the organization. The process is volatile by the nature of its political implications. To allocate budget and resources in a smart way—and to achieve organizational goals—a measurable approach needs to take the following dimensions into consideration…

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