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Quantum Computing Revisited

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IBM announced their entry into the commercial quantum computing marketplace. At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Los Vegas, they took this huge step and showed-off IBM’s Q System One quantum computing created to address the increased computing needs of today and well into the future. This is the world’s 1st commercial quantum computer that is now available.  As this technology matures and additional commercial systems become available, programs and projects will become more common.  Even with just IBM's cloud offering of quantum computing capabilities, they will start growing shortly.


LINK: https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/283427-quantum-computing-goes-commercial-with-ibms-q-system-one


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OK I guess it is time to get a basic understanding of quantum computers. Do you have any idea the market value of quantum computing in the next few years?

Any recommendation for a quick intro to Quantum Computing? Are you going to develop a Quantum Computing webinar on here for Project Managers?

@ Michael Here is the BEST short (10 minute) short-class on quantum computing computing I have ever seen!!!! AND IT IS FREE! I recommend it to everyone I know.

As for a webinar for PMI I am not sure yet, but thinking about it.

LINK: https://www.ted.com/talks/shohini_ghose_quantum_computing_explained_in_10_minutes?language=en#t-592798

That was a very interesting and educations video clip from TED. Thanks

That was a GREAT way to spend 10 minutes - it was very informative. I am not sure I really get quantum theory yet but i am so much closer. Thanks

Interesting clip. Thanks for sharing

Thanks, Kevin

Learn something today, I will need to see more on that, still all fuzzy.

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