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Today's world is influenced by change. Project managers and their organizations need to embrace and sometimes drive changes to keep up with the pace in highly competitive environments. In this blog, experienced professionals share their experiences, tips and tools to manage and exploit changes and take advantage of them. The blog is complimentary to the webinar series of the Change Management Community Team and is managed by the same individuals.

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Today’s world is influenced by change. In so many different aspects of our work and lives we are constantly under the pressure of changing demands, time schedules and technology. Every day we are expected to give our best within our teams and our communities to stay afloat and keep the pace in highly competitive environments. Organisations need to adapt quickly to customers’ needs as well as modification of regulations. Project and programme managers are key players in their organisations and need to be able to embrace and sometimes drive changes. This is not an easy task, especially when there is a lack of training and skill development on the specific aspect of change management.

With the support of PMI and through the www.projectmanagement.com platform we are excited to start this new blog series that addresses these very issues. How can we project and programme managers take advantage of change around us and drive our organisations to thrive through change itself? What can we learn from project leaders in our community? How can we help our organisations and teams to adapt and develop? What are the tools and best practices to do that?

Every month through a guest blog, experienced leaders will share their experiences, tips and tools to manage and exploit changes, and take advantage of them. They are experts in change management who successfully brought their organisations and teams not only through changes, big or small, but also to thrive through the process. Some of them are the very symbol of change as they found the apex of their career in a very different capacity than where they started.

The blog is complementary to the webinar series of the Change Management online community and is managed by the same team. We have titled the blog “Shifting Change: insider-tips from project leaders” to reflect how modern project leaders are able to embrace changes in their work context and shift the mindset from resistance to advantage.

We hope you will enjoy these resources and welcome your feedback anytime especially on what topics you would like to see addressed in the blog.

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Posted by Luisa Cristini on: March 07, 2019 10:59 AM | Permalink

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Great initiative Luisa.
Thank you!!

Great initiative ... Good Luck and look forward to future posts !

Thanks for sharing!

Change management is a very import area in all domains. The lack of proper change control can lead to failed implementations. I look forward to future posts.

Looking forward to future updates, thanks for sharing!

Great initiative, looking forward to the posts.

Change is inevitable, hence accept it, adopt it.

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