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From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

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From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

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As many of you have noticed, PMI has been publishing more original online articles than ever before — weekly stories meant to engage, inform, and help you to succeed.

Articles such as Make the Most Out of Virtual Events, The ROI of Social ImpactFour Tips for Landing Your Next Job, and Virgin Hyperloop: Building the Impossible explore a variety of topics aimed at a growing community of project professionals who are making a difference. PMI is publishing exclusive interviews with changemakers like Nora Bavey who works to expand access to technical education. We’re exploring projects from around the globe in Project of the Week, and releasing annual specials like Future 50 and Most Influential Projects, which spotlights inspiring people and projects the world should know about.

With all this content available on demand, and to deliver the best customer experience possible, PMI is working to reach you where you are: at work, at the home office, and on mobile devices. We continue to be dedicated to improving what we offer and to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. 

In order to better serve members and the community, PMI has made the decision to cease printing the magazine version of PM Network® at the end of the year. While this only affects a small number of PMI members, it still marks the end of an era that began in 1987. At that time, there was no internet, no social media, email newsletters or mobile apps. More than three decades later digital channels have become the primary way to communicate with each other. Such technology has allowed teams at PMI to provide content on a more regular basis, without sacrificing quality, and without having to abide by long print production schedules that slow the flow of information. PMI has also made the decision to cease translating the entire issue into Spanish and Portuguese but will choose articles to translate into selected languages.

While the print magazine may be going away next year, new stories will continue to be published online, including the next Jobs Report, coming in early 2022.

Visit PM Network to keep accessing fresh content. And please download the PMN mobile app on Apple and Android to immerse yourself in The Project Economy.


Kristin Hodgson

Director & Publisher, Standards and Publications


Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: November 10, 2021 11:01 AM | Permalink

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Thank you for this information. The printed magazine was excellent and very well designed. Looking forward to reading the new digital content

Thanks for the updates Kristin - This is a good approach, although I thought you discontinued the printed version a while back.

I personally used to get an email and review the digital version.

Great effort and added value to the community.

Dear Kristin
Thank you for the effort and dedication of the PM Network team in publishing more and more articles that contribute to our development as project management professionals

Thanks for sharing

Since you will no longer be sending out the printed format, an email notice would be nice to let us know when the latest digital issue of the PM network magazine is released.

Thank. To re-iterate a couple of previous comments, it would be nice if we could have new content sent directly to our email.

E-mail with the link to access latest edition of PM Network magazine once it is published can be sent to the members. This is an essential expectation.

Thanks for sharing

Right prediction. Digital networking has been growing with computer engineering research. It has accelerated with the restrictions of Corona pandemic prolonging.

I would still love to have had the choice of that of a printed version.

Very disappointing to see the disappearance of this timeless publication as it doesnt represent the best interest of the members. Really dont think the Directors decision had much logic behind it - Hopefully they reverse the decision soon. Also very disappointing to see PMIs continued decline and loss of direction since Sunil took over, company direction and outlook was much stronger and resilient under Mark Langley.

Seems like a serious negative step to me. The pdf version was one of the main benefits of membership and formed part of my ongoing education. I used to like to download the magazine and read it offline. Now I have no way to access articles offline, and have no idea when new content is published. (This could be easily solved by grouping articles by month rather than by subject)

All in all this is making me consider if I still wish to be a member or not.

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