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2022 Jobs Report: Opportunity Amid Recovery

Digital Disruption and Global Megatrends 2022

Managing in the Workplace of Tomorrow

More (Earning) Power to You

From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

2022 Jobs Report: Opportunity Amid Recovery

Categories: Career Help

PMI has released the new 2022 Jobs Report, which offers a detailed look at where project professionals can find the best career opportunities, how they can increase earning power—and which skills matter the most. Even in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, one thing is clear: job seekers are in control.

Here are a few highlights from some of the regions covered in the report:

  • Asia Pacific:  Economic growth is driven by steady global demand for the products Asia Pacific manufactures and exports. For example, Fintech, banking, blockchain and AI are booming in some areas…. and all 40 countries of the Asia Pacific region expressed optimism in terms of a positive demand for project management professionals.

  • Latin America:  There has been a spike in demand throughout Latin America for project managers, especially those who are up-to-date on novel technologies and are adept at navigating uncertainties. Opportunities exist across industries, but particularly in the technology and manufacturing sectors.

  • North America:  Across the United States, opportunities abound for job seekers. Individuals looking for their next position can enjoy the privilege of being selective. In Canada, a declining level of foreign investment in the first half of this year in agriculture, mining, manufacturing and energy has caused these industries to struggle. But as exports recover in 2022, demand for talent in those sectors could also increase.

For more professional development insights, explore the full 2022 Jobs Report and find out what’s happening near you.

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: March 25, 2022 12:00 AM | Permalink | Comments (6)

Digital Disruption and Global Megatrends 2022

Skyrocketing cybercrime has followed the explosion of digital data, becoming more sophisticated along the way. Privacy issues and risk of information breaches at work and home are constant concerns that everyone must live with. As digital disruption affects our lives and businesses in more and more ways, PMI’s Global Megatrends 2022 report goes deeper into the two areas of cybersecurity and data ethics.

  1. Cybersecurity:  In today’s world, cyber attacks have become too commonplace, due in part to the vast amount of digital data being created. To help guard against hacking, digital scams and cyber attacks, companies are putting measures into place to help mitigate the risks. One of the most effective approaches has been making cybersecurity everybody’s job, and organizations are creating cultures of shared responsibility for safeguarding information.
  2. Data Ethics:  How is customer data being collected and used? How is individual privacy being safeguarded? These are two front-and-center questions that have surfaced as digital technologies take off. To help better prepare themselves, organizations are developing ethics guidelines to reassure customers, as well at securing a diversity of views, and taking other steps to safeguard stakeholders.

Keep reading about digital disruption and explore other megatrends including climate crisis, demographic shifts, economic shifts, labor shortages and civil, civic and equality movements.

Global Megatrends 2022 not only offers an in-depth look at long-term trends, but also research and industry data from around the world.

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: February 22, 2022 10:22 AM | Permalink | Comments (10)

Managing in the Workplace of Tomorrow

Categories: Leadership, Teams

The ways in which we work have changed drastically in the last decade, accelerated by the Covid pandemic as well as by technology that has allowed workers and organizations to break free of the limitations of geography.

One of the positive results of the sudden shift to remote work is that “managers have discovered that in fact people can work remotely and they are still productive,” said Nancy Dixon, PhD, during an episode of PMI’s Center Stage podcast. Dixon is a speaker, author, consultant, executive advisor, faculty at Columbia University’s Information and Knowledge Strategy Program, and a thought leader in the field of knowledge management. “That has been a great fear for managers. They really have been concerned that, if I can’t see them, are they really doing anything? So this has proven that point to them.”

Not everything is a simple transition to virtual work, however, especially when it comes to how managers run their teams. New approaches can help compensate for the lack of face-to-face interaction. Dixon offered several examples.

  • Managers should have a weekly one-on-one with each remote team member. In these meetings, managers should adopt more of a coaching approach. “The questions are not, ‘What have you done for me today?’” Dixon explained. “The questions are more about, ‘What are you thinking about your long-term goals? What do you need? What can I do for you that will help you? Who do you need to get connected to?’”
  • Teams can use the agile practice of holding daily 15-minute stand-up meetings each morning to bring everyone together and ensure all team members are on the same page.
  • It’s harder to stay engaged in virtual meetings, so keep them moving by changing things up. “Change what you’re doing on a virtual meeting every five to seven minutes because otherwise you’re not going to hold the attention of people at all,” Dixon advised.
  • Virtual meeting tools have functionality that can keep team members engaged and solicit input from those who might not want to verbally speak up. In large meetings, use breakout rooms to facilitate conversation among smaller groups of 4-5 people. Encourage the use of polling features and the chat function to solicit input.
  • Flipped meetings can be particularly successful in a virtual world. Instead of presenting something in a meeting, send the content – maybe a short video or a document – ahead of time. Then lay out several questions about the content that you want to discuss in the meeting. “That helps two things,” Dixon explained. “One, it keeps us from dying from PowerPoint, but it also means that when people come together, what they’re coming together for is to hear, listen to and think together with each other online. So the meeting is more about their building a sense of understanding than it is about hearing the instructions.”

Listen to the full podcast on Center Stage.

Posted by Jill Diffendal on: December 16, 2021 11:50 AM | Permalink | Comments (10)

More (Earning) Power to You

Categories: career, salary

As 2022 beckons, now is a great time for fresh starts and new perspectives. Take a moment to reflect on your career path. What opportunities does your current position offer you? What are your ultimate career goals? Are you being paid what you are worth? The twelfth edition of Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey can help you answer these questions.

To compile this latest edition of Earning Power, professionals from more than 40 countries were surveyed. A wide array of demographics was collected and analyzed, including position, work experience, educational background, industry and more. Findings from the report are enlightening; for example, survey respondents with a PMP certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification.

Download the Earning Power report and gain insight into:

  • Salary data from more than 30,000 project management practitioners
  • A general listing of median salaries reported by country from highest to lowest
  • Reported salary increases over the past 12 months and expected salary increases over the next 12 months
  • Information on employee benefit packages

See where your position sits on the salary and benefits landscape—and some good news: despite the impact of COVID-19, half of the respondents (50%) report that their total compensation (including salary, bonus, and other cash incentives) increased over the 12 months prior to completing the salary survey. Nearly one-quarter (22%) reported increases of at least 5% over that time.

This report can help guide you towards the next great opportunity and keep your career on track. If you are a PMI member, feel free to download the full Salary Report as well as an interactive Salary Survey Tool. Members and non-members alike can read the summary report here. And start 2022 off empowered to make smart career choices.

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: December 02, 2021 08:30 AM | Permalink | Comments (6)

From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

Categories: PM Network

As many of you have noticed, PMI has been publishing more original online articles than ever before — weekly stories meant to engage, inform, and help you to succeed.

Articles such as Make the Most Out of Virtual Events, The ROI of Social ImpactFour Tips for Landing Your Next Job, and Virgin Hyperloop: Building the Impossible explore a variety of topics aimed at a growing community of project professionals who are making a difference. PMI is publishing exclusive interviews with changemakers like Nora Bavey who works to expand access to technical education. We’re exploring projects from around the globe in Project of the Week, and releasing annual specials like Future 50 and Most Influential Projects, which spotlights inspiring people and projects the world should know about.

With all this content available on demand, and to deliver the best customer experience possible, PMI is working to reach you where you are: at work, at the home office, and on mobile devices. We continue to be dedicated to improving what we offer and to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. 

In order to better serve members and the community, PMI has made the decision to cease printing the magazine version of PM Network® at the end of the year. While this only affects a small number of PMI members, it still marks the end of an era that began in 1987. At that time, there was no internet, no social media, email newsletters or mobile apps. More than three decades later digital channels have become the primary way to communicate with each other. Such technology has allowed teams at PMI to provide content on a more regular basis, without sacrificing quality, and without having to abide by long print production schedules that slow the flow of information. PMI has also made the decision to cease translating the entire issue into Spanish and Portuguese but will choose articles to translate into selected languages.

While the print magazine may be going away next year, new stories will continue to be published online, including the next Jobs Report, coming in early 2022.

Visit PM Network to keep accessing fresh content. And please download the PMN mobile app on Apple and Android to immerse yourself in The Project Economy.


Kristin Hodgson

Director & Publisher, Standards and Publications


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