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More (Earning) Power to You

From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

Hours For Impact Initiative

Leading the NASA Team Behind the James Webb Space Telescope

Smart Tips for a Stronger Virtual Connection

More (Earning) Power to You

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As 2022 beckons, now is a great time for fresh starts and new perspectives. Take a moment to reflect on your career path. What opportunities does your current position offer you? What are your ultimate career goals? Are you being paid what you are worth? The twelfth edition of Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey can help you answer these questions.

To compile this latest edition of Earning Power, professionals from more than 40 countries were surveyed. A wide array of demographics was collected and analyzed, including position, work experience, educational background, industry and more. Findings from the report are enlightening; for example, survey respondents with a PMP certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification.

Download the Earning Power report and gain insight into:

  • Salary data from more than 30,000 project management practitioners
  • A general listing of median salaries reported by country from highest to lowest
  • Reported salary increases over the past 12 months and expected salary increases over the next 12 months
  • Information on employee benefit packages

See where your position sits on the salary and benefits landscape—and some good news: despite the impact of COVID-19, half of the respondents (50%) report that their total compensation (including salary, bonus, and other cash incentives) increased over the 12 months prior to completing the salary survey. Nearly one-quarter (22%) reported increases of at least 5% over that time.

This report can help guide you towards the next great opportunity and keep your career on track. If you are a PMI member, feel free to download the full Salary Report as well as an interactive Salary Survey Tool. Members and non-members alike can read the summary report here. And start 2022 off empowered to make smart career choices.

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From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

Categories: PM Network

As many of you have noticed, PMI has been publishing more original online articles than ever before — weekly stories meant to engage, inform, and help you to succeed.

Articles such as Make the Most Out of Virtual Events, The ROI of Social ImpactFour Tips for Landing Your Next Job, and Virgin Hyperloop: Building the Impossible explore a variety of topics aimed at a growing community of project professionals who are making a difference. PMI is publishing exclusive interviews with changemakers like Nora Bavey who works to expand access to technical education. We’re exploring projects from around the globe in Project of the Week, and releasing annual specials like Future 50 and Most Influential Projects, which spotlights inspiring people and projects the world should know about.

With all this content available on demand, and to deliver the best customer experience possible, PMI is working to reach you where you are: at work, at the home office, and on mobile devices. We continue to be dedicated to improving what we offer and to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. 

In order to better serve members and the community, PMI has made the decision to cease printing the magazine version of PM Network® at the end of the year. While this only affects a small number of PMI members, it still marks the end of an era that began in 1987. At that time, there was no internet, no social media, email newsletters or mobile apps. More than three decades later digital channels have become the primary way to communicate with each other. Such technology has allowed teams at PMI to provide content on a more regular basis, without sacrificing quality, and without having to abide by long print production schedules that slow the flow of information. PMI has also made the decision to cease translating the entire issue into Spanish and Portuguese but will choose articles to translate into selected languages.

While the print magazine may be going away next year, new stories will continue to be published online, including the next Jobs Report, coming in early 2022.

Visit PM Network to keep accessing fresh content. And please download the PMN mobile app on Apple and Android to immerse yourself in The Project Economy.


Kristin Hodgson

Director & Publisher, Standards and Publications


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Hours For Impact Initiative

Imagine a world with no poverty, zero hunger, good health, and quality education. Add to that clean water, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth. These are just a handful of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all individuals worldwide.

Since 2019, PMI has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact, supporting these SDG. The Hours for Impact initiative is based on the belief that when we’re all in it together, we can make a bigger impact. The initiative, which launched on 22 September, has a goal of 100,000 hours pledged for projects that make a sustainable and equitable society for all a reality. As of 1 November, almost 70,000 hours have been pledged by our PMI global community, including members, volunteers, chapters, partners, project manager, PMI staff and more.

From developing new water treatment plants to building new schools, all of the volunteer hours and service-oriented projects help improve our world today… and in the future. Here is a look at a few of these inspiring projects, which range from several to thousands of hours:

  • Organic vegetable cultivation: This pledge of 14,120 hours supports SDG #15, Life of Land.
  • Audio books for visually challenged college students: This pledge of 300 hours supports SDG #10, Reduced Inequalities.
  • River and stream cleanup: This pledge of 25 hours supports SDG #6, Clean Water and Sanitation.

Read more  here about how PMI is enabling changemakers across the globe to make an impact on society in a positive way. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join the Hours for Impact initiative, and make your own pledge to help make create a better world for all.

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Leading the NASA Team Behind the James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in December 2021, is the largest space science telescope ever developed. It is one of the most technically complex projects ever undertaken and will fundamentally change our understanding of how the universe works – and it all depends on people. PMI Strategic Advisor Dr. Ed Hoffman recently spoke with Greg Robinson, the Program Director of Webb at NASA, on the Center Stage podcast about leading the teams that made this futuristic endeavor a reality.

Hoffman: What are the biggest challenges that you have and your team faces in ensuring value delivery for Webb?

Robinson: Some of the larger challenges over the years were around performance. And with projects, it's all about performance, doing really good planning, getting your requirements right, setting your team during development, and getting it done within your constraints.

With that performance, the team is so important. Do we have the right team, the right team makeup? Are we communicating properly, not just talking but communicating? I took over Webb about three and a half years ago, and that was one of the largest glaring weaknesses, that communication was not good at all.

The biggest challenge was really getting the team focused not on the technical, but stepping it up a notch to make sure we were operating as one machine throughout the agency and with our stakeholders.

Hoffman: What are your principles in a leadership position or when you're part of a team? What do you look for to create a team that's high performing and successful?

Robinson: You want a good leader. That means a lot of things to different people. Someone who can look at the technical skills based on the work breakdown structure of the project. Do I have good technical prowess, technical leaders, good integrators, people who are not afraid of being challenged.

The great thing about NASA's history, internally, we've always been able to challenge each other. And we tend to end up with a better product. And that challenge has to occur with performance in mind, not taking too long to get it done. So recognizing people who have that skill, or can go deep technically, who are not afraid of being challenged, and often communicate.

In communications also we tend to talk technical language. And when we're communicating up and out, we have to talk layman's terms - that's not an easy skill. Those are the things I look for in my teams.

Hoffman: How did you develop into such a successful leader?

Robinson: Mentoring is a really big deal. A lot of a lot of people mentored me. We didn't even call it that at the time, but I reached out to other senior leaders, and basically saying, sure in different words, “I want to be like you one day when I grow up.”

Another area that came along a little bit later, the soft skills, which I did not appreciate early in my career at all. Then I took some class that was put together at NASA, and I was sold from that class on. I made sure I continued to develop my social skills through training and other types of development, kept the mentoring going, built networks within the agency.

So a combination of apprenticeship with senior leaders, mentoring, and training and development and networking. I think those were the key. And I continue to work on social skills today, believe it or not.

Listen to the full podcast on Center Stage.

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Smart Tips for a Stronger Virtual Connection

PMI’s final Virtual Experience Series event for 2021 is fast approaching. This two-day event promises to deliver the engaging speakers and sessions you need to navigate the shifting landscape of today’s world of work. Here are a few great tips for getting the most out of this virtual experience, and others like it.

On 6-7 October, our global community will gather virtually to engage in live presentations, interactive sessions and networking at PMI’s Virtual Experience Series. Highlights will include award-winning chef and restauranteur Marcus Samuelsson, entrepreneur Peter Hinssen and Time Magazine’s 2020 Kid of the Year Gitanjali Rao discussing issues of global impact and how to meet new challenges with new solutions.  But perhaps one of the biggest event draws is the opportunity for human connection, made possible by pushing through physical boundaries and onto a cloud-based video conferencing platform.

Even as life starts to return to normal, virtual events will likely remain in some capacity. But how can we make the most of these opportunities that have been presented to us? Before you log in to the October Virtual Experience Series, or any other virtual event, make sure you are ready to be fully engaged.

For example, start by stepping away from your everyday work routine, and treating the event as something special… because it is! Set up your space so that you can be fully immersed in the event as you would be if you were in there in person. Another idea is do some prep work in advance of the event. Research the topics and discussions to pinpoint where you want to focus. And make sure you can avoid technical difficulties by ensuring your connection is ready to go.

For more smart tips on creating a stronger virtual connection, check out Make the Most Out of Virtual Events. Then, put these tips into practice by registering to attend PMI’s upcoming Virtual Experience Series. Reserve your spot today!

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