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Digital Disruption and Global Megatrends 2022

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Digital Disruption and Global Megatrends 2022

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From the Publisher: PM Network is going digital in 2022!

Skyrocketing cybercrime has followed the explosion of digital data, becoming more sophisticated along the way. Privacy issues and risk of information breaches at work and home are constant concerns that everyone must live with. As digital disruption affects our lives and businesses in more and more ways, PMI’s Global Megatrends 2022 report goes deeper into the two areas of cybersecurity and data ethics.

  1. Cybersecurity:  In today’s world, cyber attacks have become too commonplace, due in part to the vast amount of digital data being created. To help guard against hacking, digital scams and cyber attacks, companies are putting measures into place to help mitigate the risks. One of the most effective approaches has been making cybersecurity everybody’s job, and organizations are creating cultures of shared responsibility for safeguarding information.
  2. Data Ethics:  How is customer data being collected and used? How is individual privacy being safeguarded? These are two front-and-center questions that have surfaced as digital technologies take off. To help better prepare themselves, organizations are developing ethics guidelines to reassure customers, as well at securing a diversity of views, and taking other steps to safeguard stakeholders.

Keep reading about digital disruption and explore other megatrends including climate crisis, demographic shifts, economic shifts, labor shortages and civil, civic and equality movements.

Global Megatrends 2022 not only offers an in-depth look at long-term trends, but also research and industry data from around the world.

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: February 22, 2022 10:22 AM | Permalink

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Dear Deryn
Thank you for sharing with us such relevant information and videos.

Cyber security is becoming a very huge issue form the corporate to political world

Cyber security is becoming a very huge issue form the corporate to political world

Glad to see data ethics being addressed. In the current time where data is considered the new oil, it can and will be a big issue to conquer.

All of the pointed subjects on PMI 2022 Mega Trends are very important to continue pay attention on 2023.

Goood trend show

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