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2022 Jobs Report: Opportunity Amid Recovery

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2022 Jobs Report: Opportunity Amid Recovery

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PMI has released the new 2022 Jobs Report, which offers a detailed look at where project professionals can find the best career opportunities, how they can increase earning power—and which skills matter the most. Even in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, one thing is clear: job seekers are in control.

Here are a few highlights from some of the regions covered in the report:

  • Asia Pacific:  Economic growth is driven by steady global demand for the products Asia Pacific manufactures and exports. For example, Fintech, banking, blockchain and AI are booming in some areas…. and all 40 countries of the Asia Pacific region expressed optimism in terms of a positive demand for project management professionals.

  • Latin America:  There has been a spike in demand throughout Latin America for project managers, especially those who are up-to-date on novel technologies and are adept at navigating uncertainties. Opportunities exist across industries, but particularly in the technology and manufacturing sectors.

  • North America:  Across the United States, opportunities abound for job seekers. Individuals looking for their next position can enjoy the privilege of being selective. In Canada, a declining level of foreign investment in the first half of this year in agriculture, mining, manufacturing and energy has caused these industries to struggle. But as exports recover in 2022, demand for talent in those sectors could also increase.

For more professional development insights, explore the full 2022 Jobs Report and find out what’s happening near you.

Posted by Deryn Zakielarz on: March 25, 2022 12:00 AM | Permalink

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Dear Deryn
Thanks for sharing this information

Thanks for sharing. Interesting!

Wonder how long this lasts, thanks for sharing

Despite the year is coming to its end this kind of publication is always important as reference. Thanks for sharing.

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