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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and work across the globe, and figures to drastically—and permanently—alter the way we live and work in the future. To help meet this pressing need, we have created this page to help surface valuable content on

The following articles, blog posts, webinars and discussion threads help address managing through uncertainty and stress; working on and leading virtual teams; working from home; making business decisions; risk management; and more. We have also included some downloads that may help ease your workload through this crisis. We will be updating this page with new content frequently, so check back often to gain some valuable insights and join a discussion with your peers. Share this page with your colleagues and friends, and for additional valuable content on, see our collection of Resources for Managing Through Crisis & Disruption. We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe!

Managing Stress & Uncertainty

Navigating in Uncertainty: A Survival Guide

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

While uncertainty is incredibly uncomfortable, it is possible to manage through it. Personally, collaboratively and organizationally, there are strategies that we can employ to recognize, assess and navigate the challenges around us.

Business Planning & Strategy

Will You Be Ready When the Next Disaster Strikes?

by Michael Wood

Savvy organizations are going to be taking a hard look at their crisis and disaster preparedness status—and the smart ones are going to embark on initiatives that address a broad range of “What if” situations that, should they occur, would severely impact and even threaten their continued existence.

On-Demand Webinars

Teaching and Learning at a Safe Distance: Moving Your PM Classes Online

by John Cable, Jill Diffendal, Ashley Forsyth
April 15, 2020 | 59:34 | Views: 1,632 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.41 / 5

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced colleges and universities around the world to move to remote learning for all classes. While some institutions and faculty are used to this delivery modality, others are jumping in for the first time with little time to plan and prepare. During this webinar, project management faculty members with extensive experience teaching online will share their best practices as well as simple, actionable tips that can help smooth the transition from in-person to remote classes.



PMI Resources

Virtual Teams

You’re a Distributed Project Manager Now

by Bart Gerardi

This pandemic is going to change the way projects are handled for the near term—and some changes will stay in effect long after the crisis. Indeed, some of the new ways of working may prove to be better than the old ways, including interacting in an asynchronous manner.


When Planning & Uncertainty Collide

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

For most organizations, sometime around mid-March of this year, normal work stopped. Whatever the plan said was supposed to be done probably has very little to do with what has actually been done. When a crisis hits, follow these practical and time-tested strategies to get back on track.

Leadership During Crisis: People First

by Andy Jordan

There’s nothing normal about crisis management. But there are some behavioral norms that we have to remember, and that starts—and finishes—with the people.

Organizational PM

Will Projects Ever Be the Same?

by Andy Jordan

In the last weeks, every project has effectively become distributed. While travel has almost completely ground to a halt, the way all teams operate has mirrored remote teams almost perfectly—which will forever shift the way we work moving forward.

Risk Management

Resume, Recover and Deliver

by Andy Jordan

A lot of projects are on hold right now, but what happens when they need to get restarted? There are a number of things we can do to make the ultimate resumption and recovery of our projects easier for all involved.


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