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PMI® Talent & Technology Virtual Symposium 2020

On-Demand through 08 September 2020 | Online

The 3rd annual PMI Talent & Technology Virtual Symposium will equip participants with the skills to address current challenges and the roadmap to guide them through the constant change of the future. Our lineup of speakers will examine the ways in which project professionals have responded to crisis and share lessons to evolve beyond it.

PMXPO 2020

March 26, 2020 | Online

We start the new decade with a bang as we present the 13th edition of our annual virtual conference and exhibition! Whether you’re a seasoned PM or new to the field, PMXPO provides an excellent opportunity to learn, network, earn PDUs and broaden your perspective on project management. This year’s show is headlined by keynote speaker Cara Brookins, a bestselling author who rebuilt her broken family by building her own house watching “how-to” videos on YouTube.

PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019

November 13, 2019 | Online

Join us for PMI Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019! This virtual event will explore the latest trends in business analysis and provide you with the insights, resources, and tools to advance your career and enhance project success.

Upcoming Webinars

Mindful Time Management: Increasing Your Productivity without Increasing Your Stress

Jul 15, 2020 1:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

This webinar moves beyond basic time management techniques and takes a deep dive into how you can manage your mind to improve your ability to follow through on your plans. I’ll illustrate how to use a straightforward 3-step process each week in order to continually improve your results without increasing your stress.  You’ll learn how to follow through on your planned actions even when you don’t feel like it.  In addition, you’ll know the specific questions to ask yourself to reduce procrastination and distraction without resorting to self-criticism or self-judgement.   I’ll also cover how to handle external interruptions in an intentional and mindful way. When you use these tools and techniques, your self-trust and confidence will grow.  You’ll know that you will follow through and get things done when you say you will.  And when you teach these techniques to your team, your projects will reap the benefits.

My Experience Leading an Enterprise Windows 10 Migration Project

Jul 22, 2020 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

The purpose of this presentation is to summarize and share the strategies, planning, and execution lessons learned from a large scaled Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration project at a large Health Care provider organization. The author will share the challenges presented, and the tactics and techniques developed and implemented by his team to complete the project on schedule and on budget. This is not an instruction guide on how to plan and execute a Windows 10 migration project. This presentation simply shares their lessons learned and best practices with the hope that the audience can harvest one or more point to apply in any future desktop operating system migration project.

On-demand Webinars

Decision Making for Project Management

by Kimberly Johnson, Brian Cohn, George Gibson
June 11, 2020 | 60:16 | Views: 4,040 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.38 / 5

The process of project management is the process of making decisions. Much of our thinking about how to make decisions reflect an ideal generally called rational economic actor. In an ideal world, you weigh the alternatives based on reliable data, compute the most advantageous path and decide to choose that course. We maximize the expected economic outcome given some set of constraints. Ideally, we do this in a timely manner using a process that is transparent and inspectable. Everyone involved can understands why that particular decision was made. In the messy real world, we down-select the alternatives to consider. We work with limited data, fuzzy or even inaccurate data and, frequently, decide to take the path of least resistance. Getting to better decisions requires some planning well before the decision is to be taken. Increasingly we acknowledge the role our inherent biases play in our decisions. The insights of behavioral economics allow us, up front, to design decision making strategies and processes which limit the role of our cognitive biases. No process will immunize us against all failures but knowing what to look out for increases our success rate. During this talk we will examine how to increase the chances that our decisions will actually advance our project’s objectives without being stick in analysis paralysis. We will discuss how to make your decision making more aligned with your goals and make those decisions quicker and more reality based.

Bad Bosses and How to Work through Them

by Ryan Haag
June 08, 2020 | 61:18 | Views: 3,791 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.66 / 5

Many people claimed to have worked under a bad boss. Bad bosses are a top reason that good people leave a company, and they are bad for a company's bottom line. But what makes a bad boss? Is there a way to identify a bad boss? Is someone a bad boss, or do they simply communicate poorly? In this webinar, the presenter, Ryan Haag, walks you through his experiences with two particularly bad bosses and uses them as examples to help you identify bad bosses and to be able to work through them.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Project Kickoff Worksheet

by Andy Jordan

The project kickoff is one of the most critical activities on the project. This worksheet is intended to assist the project manager in preparing for the kickoff so that the meeting is as effective and efficient as possible.

Learn From Others

Resolving Conflicts: Ideas for Better Results and Retention

by Mike Griffiths

While there is no one formula for conflict resolution, it's helpful to have some strategies, some models to guide our thought process. This article outlines some basic models for conflict resolution to be aware of—and maybe incorporate if they help in your situation.

How Do We Get Out of This Pandemic?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

For project managers working to help their teams deal with social distancing, the idea of returning to the workplace can seem daunting. Here are some strategies to help manage the process of re-entry (when it happens) and continued distance working (where it continues).

A Globally Focused Recovery (Part 2)

by Andy Jordan

In the first few months of recovery from COVID-19, projects are going to have to focus on creative delivery—and are going to depend on project managers to make it happen.

Delegation for Product Leaders

by Rich Mironov

Successful product leaders need to delegate most hands-on product work, focusing instead on leader-level activities. That means understanding what each team member can handle, having an upskilling plan, and building trust.

It’s Going to Be Okay

by Andy Jordan

Many of us have experiences working in crisis project management, but nothing approaching the scale of what the world is now going through. Here, a seasoned practitioner tries to offer a message of hope.

Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts in Projects

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Researchers have found that interpersonal conflict is an important occupational stressor with far-reaching organizational consequences resulting in abysmal project results. Project leaders will have to spend a substantial amount of time and effort to address interpersonal hurricanes in their march toward project success.

Acquired Soft Skills: The Key to Easy-Breezy Meetings

by Jessica Mooney, Sudesha Arramraju

The soft skills acquired by a PM can drive the success of a project. In this article, we focus on one key component of these soft skills: meeting management. Gear your meetings toward success by adhering to these do’s and don’ts—and utilize choice phrasing to make hosting your meeting a breeze.

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