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Key Performance Indicator Template (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Harold Hunt

多数の主要業績評価指標(KPI)は一般的にITプロジェクトに一般的に影響しますが、そのすべてを追跡するメリットはコストを上回る可能性があります。 したがって、各プロジェクトは、その特定の状況に最も関連するKPIを慎重に選択して管理する必要があります。 このサンプルテンプレートを使用してKPIを定義できます。 以前に定義されたプロジェクト重大成功要因(PCSF)のそれぞれについての可能なKPIの例と、各KPIのメトリック(メジャーとディメンション)を含む表も含まれています。 「ITプロジェクトの健全性を判断する」記事と併用してください。

Project Status Report Template (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Daniel Grzybek

이 Project Status Report 템플릿은 소규모 업체 간 고객 프로젝트에 활용되도록 개발되었습니다. 주당과 같이 이상적인 보고서 빈도가 짧습니다. 단순한 형식은 모든 프로젝트의 건강 (일정, 비용, 범위, 위험 등), 활동 진행 상황, 행동 항목 / 쟁점 및 위험에 대한 핵심 지표를 1) 일반 이해 관계자 관객에게 빠르고 쉽게 이해할 수 있도록 전달하는 데 중점을 둡니다. 2) 프로젝트 관리자가 쉽게 유지 및 / 또는 수정할 수 있습니다.

Stakeholder Analysis Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Joao Saragoca

This Excel template allows a project manager to list the stakeholders and automatically highlight the ones with more impact for the project. It also highlights the ones with which the commitment level needs to be managed, with a space for dated actions.

Project Status Update (Presentation) (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM presentation
by Daniel Grzybek

이 프리젠 테이션 템플릿은 중대형 프로젝트 또는 동일한 이해 관계자가있는 여러 프로젝트를보고하는 데 사용되는 공식적인 고객 대응 현황 보고서입니다.

Privacy Policy Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Protecting your customers' personal data should be job one. If you don't have a privacy policy in place, you need to do that five minutes ago. This checklist will help ensure that your privacy policy will be successfully put together, rolled out to the troops and followed.

Learn From Others

Getting Buy-in From Different Project Stakeholders

by Stephanie Jaeger

Early on in your project/change management process, you need to plan for how you’ll get relevant buy-in from everyone. To ease this process, there are a lot of different tools at your disposal...

Tactics for Success with System of Record Upgrades

by Joe Wynne

System upgrades are popular projects and have certain common success tactics. When you are upgrading a system of record, however, the stakes are greater. Be ready for a SOR upgrade by using these tactics for success—especially those related to requirements.

Why Do Projects Fail?

by Arvind Kumar

The only way that companies can get better at performing projects is by learning from projects they have carried out. Here, the author looks to provide insight on the multiple reasons for project failure—and how project managers and upper-level management can minimize them.

How to Embrace and Truly Delight Your Customer!

by Brian Anthony O'Malley

Having well-honed customer relationship management skills is a key differentiator in project management. Embracing and truly delighting your customer goes well beyond the basics of traditional customer satisfaction. Take a closer look at some ways to move beyond the mundane to delivering a truly great customer experience!

5 Steps for Building Stakeholder Relationships

by Ganesh Kumaraswamy

Building and sustaining relationships with key stakeholders in a project or program is crucial for its successful delivery. Often, we see a project derail due to a gap in the level of engagement from key stakeholders. Here are some steps you can take to successfully build, engage and sustain relationships with key stakeholders throughout the project.

The Role of Project Managers in Industry 4.0

by Luca Rezzani

Industry 4.0 is going to revolutionize companies, technologies, strategies and goods. Project managers will be the protagonists of this transformation. Are you prepared for the challenge?

Preventing Blame: Balancing the Relationship Between Project Manager and Business Owner

by Eddie Sumner, PMP

The relationship between project manager and business owner (or scrum master and product owner for agile) can be difficult to establish—and easy to damage. To build strong foundations in the relationship and ensure the success of the project, there are a few simple rules to follow that can make a big difference.

Navigating Real (Estate) Complexity

by Wayne Miller

Are you still operating with outdated assumptions and expectations? The stressful process of buying a new home and selling an old one proved to be an enlightening experience in project management and complexity for this practitioner.

Using Data to Focus Your Customer Strategy

by Ankur Mittal

Analytics is vital to understanding customer behavior and optimizing operations to attain sustainability. It can be leveraged to avail data-driven decision making—and extrapolated and customized to accomplish numerous objectives, such as reducing costs and optimizing profits from a customer or project. The article seeks to propose four features to reap long-term benefits through concentrated investments.

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