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Today all organizations depend on technological innovation in order to sustain their existence. Analysis of emerging technologies and identification of those technologies with the greatest potential is essential to being prepared for upcoming projects. The objective of this blog is to establish future oriented technology analysis and insights. This blog was established to provide program and project managers with information about these emerging technologies. These emerging technologies have far reaching repercussions for program and project managers. This blog will jump-start the learning process and allow program and project managers to become proactive.

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Quantum Computing Revisited

Technical Program Manager - Hot Job!

UPDATE: Talent & Technology Symposium June 2018: Drones – Coming to a Project Near You!

Robot Power is Here

Technology Dependence

Quantum Computing Revisited

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In an email from MIT, they wrote: 

"There's no denying it.

Quantum Computing (QC) is close to realizing its potential of having a substantial impact across industries. In fact, Gartner's "Top 10 Technology Trends for 2019" report predicts that by 2023, 20% of organizations will be budgeting for quantum computing projects."

Are you ready to manage a quantum computing project?




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Technical Program Manager - Hot Job!

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CNBC ‘make it’ - recently published an article (May 4, 2019) titled, "The 10 highest-paying jobs in tech." The link is provided below.  It is an interesting read for sure.  The most interesting portion of the article is the 7th highest-paying job!  They identified "Technical program manager" (TPM) as number seven with the average salary of $145,000 that is based on open positions/roles listed on the Glassdoor website. 

Clearly, this serves to solidify the need for the webinars that cover emerging technologies and clearly substantiates the need for continually monitoring emerging technologies (as we do here on this blog) in order for a PMs to gain knowledge and skills that will serve to differentiate them from general PMs that  seek positions like this. As your knowledge, skills and experience increase over time, your fair market value increases.  With estimates of trillions of $$$ of emerging technology in market value, it is easy to see how the demand will undoubtedly grow for the next several years.

LINK: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/03/glassdoor-the-10-highest-paying-jobs-in-tech.html

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UPDATE: Talent & Technology Symposium June 2018: Drones – Coming to a Project Near You!

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This article clearly indicates the value drone usage can have when properly applied.  "Drones are now delivering life-saving medicines to remote parts of Ghana" - MIT

Link:  https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613423/drones-are-now-delivering-life-saving-medicines-to-remote-parts-of-ghana/

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Robot Power is Here

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Current (optimistic) projections suggest that the global robot market could dramatically grow to a whopping $250 billion USD in the next few years.  Well, with this kind of power, that seems more likely.  Take a look.



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Technology Dependence

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An interesting question came up in an executive briefing and thought it would be interesting to get your thoughts on it.  How dependent will your business be on technology in the next 3 to 5 years?

Please comment below and take the poll at the web address below.



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