Project Management

Capacity Planning Template


Format: Log

This Google Docs capacity planning template can be used by any project manager who doesn't have complex scheduling tools like MS Project. It provides a calendar-like spreadsheet where development tasks can be assigned to different resources to easily distribute the work and calculate the available man days per period (release, sprint). 


  • The template has two tabs:  "Cap planning," which contains the resource calendar and "Resources," which contains all the project resources.
  • Cells A6-A9 shows the available resources. This is a reference to tab "Resources"
  • Cells C6-L9 contain the resource calendar
  • Cell B1 shows the calculated amount of man-days available per sprint. The total number of available man days is calculated summing the days where resources are either assigned to a task or still unassigned.
  • Calendar days assigned to "Bug fixing" or "OFF" are not taken into account for this calculation, and are highlighted using conditional formatting, but the formula in cell B1 can easily be changed to accommodate other values.
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