The Five Rules of Business Execution

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Categories: EMEA, PMI

Presenter: Te Wu

This presentations was extremely informative, well-documented, and full of insights about Strategic Business Execution

Key findings

1. The best of non-profit "out-execute" public for-profit companies (but the average non-profit organisations are significantly worse than for-profit businesses)

2.  Organisations go through growing pains.

3. Business Discipline, i.e. the more satisfied the respondents are the higher they perform in term of execution.

4. Aligning Strategy and Execution is clearly important!

5. Project Reporting Accuracy, as business decisions depend on them.

The Five Rules of Business Execution

1. Focus on the vital few

2. Determine what is "good enough" for the rest

3. Establish good metrics system

4. Nurture and motivate people

5. Develop a culture of execution readiness

Main takeaways

What can we do to serve better our customers? Always take ownership to have a SUSTAINABLE Execution Excellence.


I like the fact that this session was engaging but with immediate suggestions and insights I can implement as of tomorrow.

I am closing this blog with a quote from Aristotle, re-adapted by Mr Wu himself to better fit strategic business environments.

Posted by Fabio Rigamonti on: May 02, 2017 04:00 PM | Permalink

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Great points. Thanks

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