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PMIEMEA18 - Day 1 - We are making dreams a reality. We are the difference makers

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Wow. Just wow. The first day of the PMI EMEA conference has definitely not disappointed!

It started with an inspiring introduction speech and keynote from Rowan Gibson about how important it is that we keep and have an innovative mindset. I think that this set a really good precedent for the conference and made sure that we were starting the conference with the same passionate footprints.

One of the best things so far has been networking and meeting other Project Managers during the break and lunch sessions. It's been fun meeting Project Managers from all over EMEA but also to see where we have our common (innovative) goals. I think that this is going to be a great few days based on just the people that I have met so far!

My favourite session of the day so far has been: "Mindfully achieving Cognitive Readiness to Manage in Changing, Complex Projects". Not only was the Presenter really great and engaging but we were able to immediately use some of the tips and had a stop for a mid session "Mindfulness session". It was really nice to take a moment to really be "in the moment".

I'm tweeting the conference at: @Em_The_PM so feel free to follow me for the latest updates of what i'm doing.

NOTE: There may be a few pictures of cake and food ;-)



Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: May 07, 2018 09:47 AM | Permalink

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Great summary, Emily! I'll do one later today based on the sessions I attended...

If there’s anything that anyone would like to see: feel free to tell me here and I can make it happen! We’re here to help bring the conference to you!

Great update Emily. Thanks.

Thanks Emily!!

I hope I can attend the next EMEA congress

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