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#PMIEMEA18 - Day 1 : How #GameChangers are turning every project to a success story ?

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“How do you think we achieve all these? “asked Mr. Thomas Wallenta in his opening note of the PMI EMEA Congress 2018, Berlin, Germany while introducing what PMI does and what it has achieved so far.  “With our 10,000 + volunteers” says Mr.Wallenta -  the #DifferenceMakers.

I look around the hall to see approx. 700 + #DifferenceMakers attending the opening and the key note to network, learn and share success stories- the PMI EMEA Congress 2018 in Berlin.

Rowan Gibson gave us a new perspective to manage innovation projects in his key note “Winning in an innovation economy”.  Mr. Gibson explained 5 simple steps to succeed in innovation projects

  1. Frame the challenge
  2. Build an innovation team, putting the right people at the right role at the right time
  3. Start the discovery process
  4. Look through the 4 lenses, challenging orthodox, harnessing trends, leveraging resources and understanding the needs of the customer
  5. Generate ideas, plan the project and assign resources

After being all motivated and inspired to make a difference, now it was my turn to narrate my project’s success story - #B2B2BFuture “Back to the basics to build the future”.  I was welcomed by an enthusiastic group of audience eagerly awaiting for my story. I loved every moment on the stage I took them through the journey of Building the experience of the future while still sticking to the basics which are :

  1. Align to a common vision
  2. Focus on business problem
  3. Be Agile
  4. Communicate and collaborate

Post lunch I attended the session on “Augmented Project Management? Why ‘Less Is More’ When Facing Complexity in Projects” Stefano Setti provided 5 tips

  1. Stop being a hero- engage stakeholders, SME and delegate
  2. Be adaptive to embrace the culture of change
  3. Avoid stereotypes, avoid suspects and build trust
  4. Accept suboptimal
  5. Let them go, trust your team and practice collective leadership

The last session for the day was “ The Impact of Digitisation on Project management and Future Skillset needs” by  John Daly.  

Take actions both on the personal and business front said John.

  1. On personal front: develop and market yourself as a strategic and change leader
  2. On the business front: rethink your role in terms of business, rethink how you can engage the customer and deliver and bring back those learnings to your teams.

Watch John Daly’s interview on Project Management Institute Facebook page to know more on the role and the skills of the #DifferenceMakers of the future.

 I wrap up my day 1 with the networking tour of the “Berlin Panaromic bus tour” soaking in the history of Berlin while looking forward to the future – the sessions on Day 2 on “Projects of the future”.

As always keep watching this space and keep following on twitter, linkedin and Facebook for live updates straight from #PMIEMA18 Berlin.

Posted by Priya Patra on: May 08, 2018 02:33 PM | Permalink

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There's only one guy smiling in that picture ;-) But I'm sure it was a great success. Thanks Priya.

It is very interesting that in the five steps indicated my Stefano Setti, trust was mentioned twice!
Thanks for your insights!

Thanks for the update Priya!!

Thanks for the update, Priya

Thank you Fabio for your comment. Trust is the building block of all agile teams. Only trust can help to build empowered teams

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