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This year will be second PMI Global Conference so I wanted to give you some ideas and expectations for what you can expect at this upcoming conference.


One of my favourite parts of PMI conferences are the networking opportunities. At the recent EMEA Conference, I not only met new colleagues and connections that I could talk to but I was also able to make new like-minded friends! During the conference, you'll have a series of different networking breaks that give you an opportunity to grab a drink, snack and meet other PMs doing the same thing!

There are also some great lunches where you can sit down and eat with the speakers that you've just heard lecturing with and there's the ability to ask further / personal questions for advice. In the evenings there are usually some great activities and networking events to make sure that you're getting the most of these sessions.

Great talks:

Every presentation that you see at the conference has been peer reviewed, processed, rehearsed and given a lot of attention! The talks that you see will be the best of the project management community at the moment and allow you to access some of the latest thoughts from the most experienced SMEs in the world.


I will always bring a new notepad to the conference and by the end of it, it is jam packed with notes, actions, ideas, further learning opportunities.In every talk that I go to, I like to write down: What is my biggest take away from this topic? and really try to focus on what I will be getting out of it. This could be an action to learn more or it could be a question that I want to raise with the presenter.

Advice from Ask the Experts:

During this years conference, you have the ability of being able to book into a session with some of the leading Project Management Professionals in the world. There is the stand called: Ask the Experts where you can get personal and private access to some of the best minds in Project Management today... and you can ask them whatever you want! Do you want to ask about career advice? An issue in your project? Networking opportunities? Certification advice? or just to talk about how they managed to get where they did today. I will be there as well and I'll be ready to ask and support you with any of your Project Management queries! You can sign up here!


This conference is presented by people like you. They're normally all Project Managers with extensive experience in their industries and they want to share their knowledge with you! 

So, let's start a discussion: How do you prepare for conferences? Do you take a notepad along with you? Do you just like to 'go with the flow'and see what happens?

- Emily

Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: September 23, 2018 07:43 AM | Permalink

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Thank, Emily. I'm a notebook person too. Great to jot down ideas then elaborate from there. Plus easy to draw quick diagrams or pictures to represent ideas.

Exactly! There's a lot to be said for a good notepad and pen to be able to explain ideas/ share an idea.

Do you have any other tips for a successful conference?

It's surely going to be a great conference.

Thanks Bamidele! Are you going to be coming?

I don't think so Emily, except PMI has plans of sponsoring some professionals. But I will be following up online.

We'll be updating every day to bring the conference to you so you can experience. The conference from remote!

Emily: I hate missing this one, after making it to Chicago last year for PMI Global. I found this conference to be a very rewarding experience.

My advice based on my first time PMI Global experience in 2017:

*Bring business cards to the conference and to every session.
Bring your phone/camera to sessions (one reason, selfies with other participants).
If you're interested in getting an author signature, I recommend purchasing the book in advance and bringing it to the conference. (Copies of Epley's Mindwise ran out last year.)

Conferences in general:
I bring both a laptop and pad/pen to take notes. It depends on the setting. Smaller group discussions, the notepad and pen are good. However, if I can get the notes into electronic format, it's easier for me to use and search the notes later.

Good luck in LA!

Thanks for this Emily. Unfortunately, but please keep us posted.

I wish I could go. I will be there in thought.

Thanks Emily for sharing information !

Alan: what fantastic advice! That's very true to bring business cards, contact information etc.

I would also add: download the app for the conference to see others and check out the latest information/updates.

Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I may not make it this time. But looking forward for next one. Not sure, where it is going to be in the next year. I will definitely join!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

I like the notebook but since a few years, I switch to electronic. I try to be paperless, not there yet.

Emily - great topic.

I do not use a notebook, but capture notes electronically either on my phone or laptop. I like Alan's suggestion to bring camera/phone for selfies. I find that I take photos of key presentation slides to help me remember the content and share with my colleagues.

Emily - thank you!

Generally, I use a notebook for the key comments/notes to the sessions that I joined, It helped me after to share the knowledge with the team members that couldn't join.

I try to avoid grabbing my laptop, however, sometimes I need to manage work stuff that I can't do it on the phone.

And never forgot a cell phone charger...selfies, pictures from the speakers, slides, or adding new people in your contact agenda!

These are some great ideas!
@Mayte: great tip!

Another one: don't forget to bring a power bank with you to make sure that you're never out of battery! Last year there were lots of people huddled around the power sockets.

@Bruce: maybe we could do a selfie together? :)
@Vincent: how are you getting on with paperless? It's something I'd love to be able to accomplish but find I keep forgetting things or needing to make quick notes. How do you get around it?
@Eduin: thanks for your comment!
@Pench: next time! Theres always the EMEA conference too.

@Bruce & @Emily I'm down for a selfie too :)

A few more ideas for getting the most out of your conference:
- wear the right clothes! Sometimes the rooms can be hot/cold so wear layers so you can adjust as needed. This includes footwear as the conference center is pretty big!
- bring plenty of business cards
- have a bottle of water available so that you can take it into rooms whilst you're listening to presentations.
- speak to the presenters over lunch and ask your questions. Most of the presenters I know, will not mind at all!
- spare pens/writing equipment

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