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Today has been quite a thrilling day at the #AskTheExperts booth. We've been quite busy with supporting various attendees with their questions and giving advice. One of my favourite discussions of the day so far has been talking to Adrian who wanted to know the best way to progress his career whilst studying for his MBA. It's really interesting to see the versatile people that we have within the Project Management community. 

I decided today to show you my day through my posts on Twitter. Feel free to follow me for the latest information.

1) Doing some drop in sessions on the couch with Dave Maynard.

2) Having some fun with some of the experts in our booth

3) Heading to the Wellness pavillion to have a foot massage and relax on the gym ball whilst learning how to do some valuable mindfulness.

4) Using the selfie booth and getting a lovely memory of the day

5) Spending time with the projectified podcast to produce some content that we'll be displaying here in a few days.

6) T-Shirt pick up with 3 great designs

7) Looking at the wellness pavillion 

8) Lunch time for our PMI colleagues!

9) Spending time with the other colleagues from PMI

10) Snack time!

11) LinkedIn review corner

12) It's also been the final for PM Wars and it was a thrilling Semi Final and Final.

Has this been useful? or would you like to see something else/different?

Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: October 07, 2018 06:56 PM | Permalink

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An eventful day it seems. Thanks for the update.

Great!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Wonderful. I have a feeling of being their in person!

Terrific share. Great seeing the photos.

This is awesome Emily, thank you so much for sharing. I look forward for more photos and the selfies you promised each other with :-)

I have been closely following on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn as well ! Great events happening ! We loved it. Thanks and regards ...

Thanks for posting, I get a feel of what I have missed!

Interesting, thanks for sharing


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