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What a day it's been so far! I managed to arrive a little early which let me work through some notes from yesterday and connect with some of the sponsors in the exhibit hall. 

Today's consulatations have been some of the powerful ones for me yet. Here's a summary of two of them: 

- Fran was coming for some support. She had been headhunted by her old boss and was now in a brand new role, new company and it was a start up so a lot of room for creativity. It scared her. She didn't know where to turn and the best way to collaborate. We discussed the best way to work and get started in this environment and also to look at ways to work in a start up environment. We discussed what she could do to work with her team as well as how to implement a good project management strategy that would work for her industry. 

- Jason was coming for a consult about how to tap into his creativity for his future position and where to go next. We brainstormed together and came up with a plan for what he can do to think outside the box. 

I've spent time today interviewing my fellow experts and will share it here when it's uploaded (they are already on my Twitter page (@Em_The_PM)). I've also spent some time connecting with other knowledge peers who have inspired with me several ideas to progress and develop some webinar ideas.

The closing keynote was presented by: Abigail Posner. She works at Google and was inspiring the crowd with creativity and how to expand our horizons to become true #championsofchange.

Over the next week, I'll be posting more news, pictures and summary of the conference and would like to know what else you'd like to know about the conference. Let's start the discussion below.

(Please note names for consults have been changed).

Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: October 08, 2018 06:39 PM | Permalink

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Fantastic. Thanks, Emily, for keeping us up to speed.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Great Summary, thanks for keeping us posted Emily.

I really enjoyed this key note...did you realize that she used google font for her slides? :)

Google font! From Google person, make sense.
I would not have seen the difference, you an expert in the font?

I never realised the Google font! Good spot Mayte!

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

I'm glad you've all enjoyed it. If I could ask: what would you like different than what we've shown? Is there more or anything different you'd like to see?

Thanks Emily. I would have loved to see a video for the PM War Competition and final results / prizes awarding.

Nice update

@Vince, I'm not an expert in fonts... I'm very picky with the slides, formats and fonts in the presentations... and in her case there was one slide with the earth and a G that made me #lookforthelink.

She talked about Apple and Airbnb, she didn't mentioned as example of creativity Google, however google was there too, with the font.

Interesting, thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing it's a great article from EM the PM


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