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PMI Global Conference: What can we do to bring the conference to the online community?

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This is one part of my summary of the PMI Conference. I've been connecting with other Project Managers from the Conference both online and in person and i've been asking a question that i'd like to bring to this community. During this years conference, I (and the other experts) tried to tweet a lot more about what we do during the conference, what it looks like, the people that we speak to etc... but is this what you want? Is there something else that you'd like to see? 

What would bring the conference closer to you? or be an incentive to join so that you can see what goes on and perhaps tempt you to join another future conference.

Would you like to see more articles about what we're doing at the conference? Would you prefer more videos/ pictures? 

Now, my challenge for you is to comment on a minimum of 1 thing that you'd like to see more of during a PMI Conference? 

Let's start a chat so that we can make future conferences as valuable and useful to remote attendees as possible.

- Emily.

Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: October 16, 2018 10:18 AM | Permalink

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Good Questions Emily. I will be open with you and also have some questions:

1- I would like to see more pictures and videos.
2- From price point of view, how much is the participation fees ?
3- Maybe PMI can have special deals with nearby hotels / accommodations for attendees.
4- Is there a plan to do it in Canada ?
5- Invite more experts maybe ? There are many experts in this community / platform but I wonder why it was limited to 5 experts for this global conference ?

Thanks for replying and being open Rami! I can answer some of these!

1) this is something I'm talking to the PMI peeps about as there's not an easy way for me to post videos and I'm doing a lot of blogging/sharing on my personal twitter. I'd prefer to be able to share them directly here so will be looking at what I can do in future to do this.

2) this is on the pricing page. There's different price scales and early bird offers which are very lucrative.

3) yes! They do already. There's a lot of close hotels to the conference centre that have special rates for PMI attendees but they are limited so you need to get in quickly.

4) not sure but I can check. we've had it reported that 2019 will be in Philadelphia for the 50th anniversary of the PMI. After that, I'm not sure.

5) This is my personal opinion so I'm not sure of the official version but it's about providing experts that cover a wide area of PM and then having more people attending the Booths. I think if we could get more people attending the sessions, then there'd be more use for more experts. I agree that 6 isn't that many but it did mean that we didn't have any idle experts!

What do you think about having more experts in sessions? So you could book into see 2 experts (a nice but 1 get 1 free!). Would that interest you? Or not be something you'd find valuable?

Thanks again for taking the time to reply!


Thanks for your prompt feedback Emily.

Item 2: What is the pricing, I have no clue, on average?
Item 5: You have a point and I would like to participate in future conferences, if I was invited by PMI.

As for your last sentence, I did not get you ? Can you elaborate more ? :-)

Hey Rami!

2) have a look here for the EMEA conference pricing: to give you an overview. This is for global but from this year so pricing may change next year:

5) I don't know who makes the decision but I know being active on here helps.

Re: my last sentence: if you were coming to the conference would having 2 experts available to talk to make you more likely to come to ask the experts or would it not make a difference? So you could sign up and say: I want to speak to Emily and Priya about agile and get double the knowledge in one session. Would that be of interest?

Thanks Emily.

1- Wow, I did not see that coming: 2,000 Euros to attend a confernece ! Does this seem to be a reasonable and affordable amount ? Add to that the flight, accomodation and other expenses you will end up with $5,000 ! In my opinion, this is not an affordable amount for many.

2- There are many professionals on this platform who are very active but yet, we feel only certain people get invited always. This is not my opinion only, but mine and many other professionals too.

As for your last sentence, yes, it might make a difference if there are lots of attendees. The number of experts should be proportional to the number of attendees in a way. One thing I would suggest is having a booth in such conferences for (Physical Booth) with a expert so people can ask and discuss their concern because I feel this community is not really discovered properly by all.


1) I think it's pretty standard for PM conferences? You can get it cheaper with the early bird and choosing a lower package which doesn't include lunch etc. I know a lot of companies pay for this as part of their standard personal development.

2) I think it's a difficult balance to strike. Last year, I was the newbie on the panel and had never been invited before, so it's not like it's always the same faces. I think there's also the case of availability and travel. PMI does not pay us for our time or to "work" at the conference so that puts off a lot of people. I'm lucky to have a very supportive company and family! (Again: please note this is just my personal opinion!).

3) that's actually what happens! We have a booth for and there's always an expert around but it's getting people to know that we're there and in the exhibit hall. I completely agree that we need to spread the word about this wonderful community!

Thanks for your valuable input Emily. Of course, we do not expect PMI to pay volunteers. I look forward to participating in one of those in the future, if ever invited. Cheers !

@Rajesh - Please add your thoughts for what we can do and what you'd like to see. Let's start a dialogue!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Great!!! want to some our recommendation??

Hi Emily, I was participating in a similar discussion few weeks ago as part of planning local chapter event. We had a brainstorming session which was very inspiring. I’m happy to share outputs if you’re interested.

From my personal perspective I value more events with opportunity of hands on experience rather than presentation sessions. Also the price and associated costs are really high, I agree with Rami on this. There should be an adequate value provided to the participants. E.g. collaborative creation of the conference outcome and publishing with listing of the participants, just a first thought... I’m sure we can come to other inclusive and engaging points if there’s any interactive discussion about this.

@Tamer- yes please! Write your suggestions here.

@Eduin- were you happy with the format?

@ Lenka: I'd prefer to stick to feedback about what or how the ask the experts format could be improved/altered. I can't do anything about the price of the conference or what's included but I Can use the suggestions made here and make a proposal for making the ask the experts format better.

The aim of my post was to try and get some collaboration and ideas flowing with the online community that are one of the key stakeholders in this area.

Emily and Rami, quite interesting questions! Lenka, thanks for your insights!

What do you think Pench?

Emily, I have a very deep concern on how worldwide seminars are organized by the PMI and I have ask a question on Project Management Central about its viability in long term. Do you really believe that it's equitable to charge the same fees to all PMI members? My question is: Does a West African resident like me who knows nobody in Philadelphia and who is constrained to take a very lasting and long travel must support the same fees to attend the conference as a Philadelphia resident. That's those kind of question you must solve upfront to better attract all the potential attendees. Conferences must also imply community members from other parts of the world. Otherwise, there will never be global conference but only Washington or Philadelphia conference or something like that.Thank you so much to give me the opportunity to share our opinion.

Thanks for replying Cheikh. I can let PMI Central know about your question but I want to manage your expectation for what I can do. I'm a Volunteer and not part of the PMI Organisation. I wanted to see what we could do to try and bring the conference to the online audience to facilitate a wider gathering when things like travel/distance/ cost make attendance difficult. So, examples like: more videos, interviews with speakers, interviews with attendees etc. How the conference runs, the pricing and other feedback, I cannot help with.

Also, don't forget that there's also an EMEA conference which is held every year which might be better for you to attend? Next year, it'll be Dublin, Ireland.

Hi Emily, I’m sorry, I did not really get that from your article that you focus only on the Ask the experts format, I thought as you wrote that you are also interested in understanding how to get more people to attend the conference.
Anyway, if you want to connect Ask the expert format and the online community than I would propose to consider who is the right audience for this format, perhaps you have more profiles in online community - people who are experts themselves and people who want to learn from experts. You may then design different formats and also announce the topics of the experts upfront, there may be case studies submitted before the conference, in other words you may drive the engagement and see feedback even before the event.
For the online experts community I would really recommend collaborative activities and creating common outcome, you may have some form of focus groups e.g, for risk management and have online virtual sessions for that.

Hi Lenka, sorry for not being clearer!

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas!


Many corporations stop paying for events!

I think all conference should be available online, live at a cost and here later.

I'm involved with Agile Tour in Montréal, Qc, Canada. The full price entry ticket is 290$, that is affordable for the individual.
Many conferences are recorded and made available online in the weeks after the event for free on YouTube at most in French.

The conference should travel, in North America that is East-West-North-South, center. So in that Noth-Est, South-West, South-Est, then in North-West,...

What about some in Canada!

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