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Preparing for #PMIEMEA19 - What's in your backpack?

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The PMI EMEA Conference is just a few weeks away! As a lot of attendees are already preparing and thinking about the sessions that they want to attend or what are the best ways to network at the conference, I thought that I'd take a step back and ask my followers on Twitter what are the essentials that they take to any conference and more specifically for PMI EMEA. Here are some of the answers and I'd love to hear from you what you think and what's on your must-take list for a conference.

I know that a lot of us are smart phone addicts so I'd really like to know if any of you can recommend good apps for staying efficient and making the most of out a conference. What do you use? I'm sure that the EMEA Conference App will be really popular again this year and I highly recommend downloading this app and connecting with our participants before the event.

Here are a few initial recommendations/thoughts:

  1. Business Cards. Makes sure that you have enough to connect with your peers. I always like to make notes on Business cards so I can remember someone/ important information (e.g. if I need to email them with something important etc).

  2. Camera: Sometimes a phone camera isn't enough or it drains my Phone battery too much to use effectively.

  3. Scarf/ Spare jumper: Conference centres can get very chilly so I try to dress with plenty of layers in case it gets too hot/cold.

  4. Registration Confirmation: Make sure that you've printed out your confirmation and have it available for when you check in. This is vital to a prompt and easy access to the conference. I forgot it once before and it took a lot longer to get processed and through.

Here's a few recommendations from my post on Twitter.

@fabiorigamonti says that a good notepad is vital for him. He uses moleskin but I'm a fan of a good spiral bound notepad where I can easily rip out pages etc. I'll also add to this that I always carry at least 3 pens and highlighters (ideally all different colours) so  that i'm able to track/ highlight anything important. This could be important take-aways from a session or something that I want to ask/follow up on later.


@LetsGrowLeaders recommends bringing a Tripod with them for recording or videoing during the conference. This can be great for presenters but might be a bit cumbersome for attendees to bring.



@KarthikPMO Agrees with my suggestion of bringing at least one powerbank with you! He also adds to make sure that you have enough travel connectors for all of your devices. At a recent conference, I saw one Project Manager with an extender cable that had 5 sockets attached to it. He soon became the best friend of a few power hungry people!

So, what is important for you? What can you not be without during a conference? Please comment below!

Please don't forget to follow me and my fellow representatives from the online Community for updates during the conference itself. They'll be announcing themselves during the next few days.


Posted by Emily Luijbregts on: April 30, 2019 02:21 PM | Permalink

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Good Reminders and Points Emily - Cheers !

Thanks for this timely post. I hope to attend the PMI EMEA this month. I often find it important to take a little time out (coffee break or go for a short walk) to allow my mind to process some of the presentations as I then think of queries that I can put to the experts while they are still around.

Thanks Rami!
@Ronan - That's a good point about making some time to process the presentations and sessions that you attend. Do you think that you have enough time/ contact points to do that with the presenters?

Nice set of suggestions

For the layers, here we call that an onion. perfect for mid seasons also!

Emily. At the PMI EMEA most of the main presentations are repeated so there is plenty of time to digest the content and follow up with any queries later

Comfortable shoes with good foot support. If your shoes have no support you will end up with aching feet.
In addition I bring several pens, my own notebook, my phone, power bank, camera, business cards, a jacket or jumper. And very important: a budget and the time to explore the town where the conference is fir at least 2 days.

Emily - I have to agree 100% with Karthik. Having a spare powerbank is crucial.

I also agree with Stephanie to plan additional days to explore the city/region where the conference is being held. I attended PMI Global in Los Angeles last year and it was "fly in"-"fly out" for me and I missed the opportunity to get a fell for the local flavour.

@Vincent - How do you wear your onion? :) Any tips for a pro?

@Stephanie - Great idea about the shoes! I always forget that one. Also, time to explore is a good one. Have you got any plans for Dublin? Anything you could recommend to other attendees?

@Emily I will reach 3 days before the conference begins and will meet up with a friend who is coming over from England. We will use the hop-on-hop-off bus for 2 days and explore Dublin with the DoDublin pass that gives you discounted rates. In the evenings I will meet up with Fellow LIMC Alumni in the Temple Bar district to taste real guineas.
On Sunday we are doing a day trip exploring the Irish country side. There are many different offers that are quite affordable.
A general travel tip is to read up early. In most countries buying tickets to museums and other attractions is cheaper than buying on site. Also most major cities have a city pass - or in this case a DoDublin pass - that also gives you discounts.
Another tip is to check for airport shuttles which are often much cheaper than taxi and less cumbersome than regular buses. They might not stop at your Hotel directly, but usually you find one that stops within 500m or so of your Hotel.

Stephanie - That's great recommendations! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ideas (especially about the DoDublin Pass!).

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. These are very good reminders.

Great post, Emily! As you rightly mentioned, power banks for sure. And I make sure they are kept at full charge at the start of every day!

That's a good point Karthik! They need to be charged to be effective!

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