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5 Steps of the Procurement Lifecycle [Video]

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There are 5 steps in the procurement lifecycle:

  1. Requirements
  2. Vendor selection
  3. Negotiation and contracting
  4. Service delivery and performance monitoring
  5. Renewal/contract closure.

This video outlines the steps and talks specifically about the requirements and getting the procurement off to a good start by understanding what you need from the exercise.

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Very useful and Interesting Video. Thanks for sharing it.

Very nicely presented and explained.
Thanks a lot Elizabeth!!

Thank you for sharing

amazing presentation of procurement management

The most important is meet project requirements!!!!

Productive information. I am a professional Contract Manager and I can attest that PMs are involve and provide inputs in all five lifecycle of procurement/contract management. There are detail and specific inputs during each processes in the Contract Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK).

Great share thank you Elizabeth, looking forward to the the next one!

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing the knowledge and experience of setting procurement requirements.

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