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Carnival of Project Management #47

Categories: carnival

Carnival wheel

Welcome to the September/October 2013 edition of carnival of project management. I'm glad that this edition is being hosted here this month - it makes a nice change!

So, without further ado, here are the top articles and some interesting reads for this time's Carnival.

Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Your PM Career – Inside Out posted at Earth PM, saying, "We discuss how sustainability can strengthen your PM career from the inside-out and from the outside-in."

Brian Daniel Young presents an introduction to Six Sigma: Why Six Sigma is Important in Business posted at Business and Sports Articles Blog - Although you may know that I'm not a massive fan of sports analogies in business.

Ben Aston presents How to run a great project kick-off meeting posted at The Digital Project Manager, saying, "All projects start somewhere. But how you start them can often dictate how the rest of the project or client relationship will run. Run a kick-off meeting well and the rest is much more likely to succeed; Run it badly, and you can find a project or relationship going backwards before you’ve even started. So here’s a few pointers to remember along the way." This article also includes a sample agenda for a kick-off meeting.

There's an article about leadership, Project Manager: leader or manager?, posted at The Project Manager Pad. "While the manager's vocabulary usually includes words such as administering, authority, duties or objectives, the leader talks to people's minds and leverage on their aspirations, needs and abilities more than on company's procedures. The leader acts as an authoritative person, combining conceptual skills like vision and innovation with human skills like influencing and trust."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of project management using our carnival submission form

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Carnival of Project Management #37

Categories: carnival

Carnival imageWelcome to the October/November 2011 edition of the Carnival of Project Management, hosted this time here at Gantthead.

New to the Carnival? It's a round up of interesting blog posts related to project management, to help you discover some new blogs and some new ideas. It runs every two months and is hosted by a number of project management blogs including A Girl's Guide to Project Management and

So, without further ado, here are this edition's great articles.

Rodney Maley presents Effective To Do Lists posted at Life-fficient. This is an interesting take on to do lists.

Ken Lange presents Grace Under Pressure posted at Kenneth Lange.

CA presents On estimating project tasks posted at Project Management - The Kanban Way, saying, "The post talks about issues surrounding project task estimation process". CA also submitted two other articles: Speed up project delivery using Critical Chain and Making Kanban work in matrix organizations. Useful reading if you are working with Kanban.

VyrtuNet presents Did I Do That? How to Stop “The Urkel Effect” posted at P3 Peak Performance, saying, "The Urkel Effect is a syndrome that often consumes certain key members of a project team, whereas they are often seen spinning seamlessly in multiple directions until they disappear altogether. One begins to observe this phenomenon when certain delusional symptoms appear, often followed by the words “Did I do that?” So where do project team members turn for relief? Enter the Project Manager equipped with just the right tool. Thokk the Project Troll has come up with a solution; a cure that may finally put an end to this awful spectacle."

Bob Lieberman presents The Can-Do Attitude posted at Cultivating Creativity – Developing Leaders for the Creative Economy.

Rich Maltzman, PMP presents The Elephant and the Swiss Army Knife posted at Earth PM. Rich is one of the authors of the book that won the Cleland prize for literature at PMI's awards last month, for his book, Green PM, so his views are certainly worth reading.

Anna Farmery presents 6 Tips to Reinvent your Next Meeting posted at The Engaging Brand. I particularly like the tip to decide before the meeting, not during it.

Stuart Arthur presents The Challenges of Project Management posted at Stuart Arthur. This is an interesting discussion of the differences between Scrum and PRINCE2, although I dispute the idea that a PRINCE2 approach can't be at least a bit Agile.

There's also another link worth sharing, particularly if you are looking for the best value for an investment in your PMO. Find The Best is a human-curated website with a section for project management software tools, so if you are working out where to spend your 2012 budget, you could find that useful. The good thing about being human-curated is that it's more intelligent than a search tool that just crawls the internet automatically.

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