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How To Measure Project Performance

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We need to measure project performance to see if the project is on track.

The graphic below shares some ideas on the different ways you can measure work performance. None of these suggestions is better than any other – they are all appropriate for different projects, environments and levels of project management maturity.

measuring performance

Do you use any of these approaches to measure progress on your projects? Why (or why not)? Let us know in the comments section below!

For more on this idea, and a bit more background on the performance measures, check out this article:

5 Common Approaches to Performance Measurement

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Nice summary about project performance measurement.
Thanks a lot,!!

Very good tips Elizabeth!

I like the Percent Complete tip. Many times a task can be parked at 90% and no further progress is made for weeks. That is a red flag to investigate what is really going on with that task.

I personally think project performance should be monitored based on Milestones achieved. Milestones are a driving force towards project completion it gives the stakeholders a sense of direction of the project. Its easy to track and see areas of improvement.

Amazing read, thanks for sharing

Good summary about project performance measurement..

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