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5 Tips for Exam Success

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5 Tips for Exam Success

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Whether you are preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, or one of the other many project management certifications you can do, good prep helps you succeed.

The infographic below shows five tips for preparing for your project management exam. These aren’t the only examples of good practice for exam prep, but they are the things I try to live by when I take exams – although it has been a while since my last classroom experience!

Remember why you are doing this: professional certification exams are hard. In one of mine, I had to write essays – it’s not often your work exposes you to situations where you have to handwrite for so long. You’re putting yourself through it because it’s worth it, for your professional development.

Write down your study plan: having a plan only works if it is visual and you can see it. We’re project managers, this part should be easy!

Take enough breaks: I feel guilty when I’m not studying when I know I have an exam coming up, but you need to be balanced and take time off too.

Sleep well: I have trouble doing this at the best of times! But do try to make an effort to get an early night the evening before your exam.

Treat yourself afterwards: You’ve put a lot of effort into getting to the exam itself. In the PMP® exam, you’ll know instantly if you have passed or not. Other exams require you to wait until the paper has been marked and you are notified afterwards. That can be quite a nerve-wracking time! Plan something else to do to take your mind off waiting, or to celebrate and wind down immediately afterwards. You’ve earned it!

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Obrigado por compartilhar as dicas Elizabeth!

Thanks for some essential tips! That's an awesome infographic!

I believe the first point is certainly the most important, you have to feel it within your heart, then the drive and passion to succeed will be second to none, and of course, 'fail to plan, plan to fail' .... thanks for sharing Elizabeth

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