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5 Behaviours of Successful Project Managers

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What makes a project manager successful? It’s no secret that it’s hundreds of small decisions and behavioural traits. I’ve been thinking recently, as I’m writing a new book, about the things I believe make the biggest difference.

The infographic below isn’t based on scientific research, but on my experience working with project managers and leading teams. What do you think makes the biggest difference in whether a project manager is successful at work or not? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!

successful project managers infographic

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Good post, It is interesting Article

Interesting read, thank you for sharing.

Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing., very interesting

Very interesting Article. Thanks

Elizabeth, your infographic details the essentials. I particularly like the diplomacy. Showing tact is a toughy for some, and comes easy for others, but it's definitely a key ingredient in a being a successful project manager.


Great post Elizabeth!

I'd also add accountability to the list. I feel like I am accountable for how well a project turns out, as well I have to help others be accountable for their work in the organization so that we can all be successful in our endeavors.

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