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5 Considerations for Project Testing

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5 Considerations for Project Testing

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The testing phase of a project is the time, in my experience, that the schedule gets squeezed. I’ve been on projects with an ‘official’ testing team made up of experienced, trained testers, and also worked on projects where the testing has been done by me. Yep. Not great. In most cases, it’s been somewhere in between, and often I’ve ended up training users in how to test so they can join the ranks of project team members helping squash bugs.

The infographic below shows 5 things to think about when preparing the testing part of a project:

Use a test plan (sounds obvious, but it’s extra – often unwelcome – documentation that is resisted)

Include non-functional tests – because it’s not all about the stuff your users will be doing with the product, but also about security, scalability, data protection and more

Test to the point of breaking – just because you use the product in the way it has been designed doesn’t mean users will. Test the ‘wrong’ way to use it and see what happens

Get users involved – obviously

Keep records – because trying to remember exactly what steps you took to get a bug, so you can replicate what you did and see if the bug is now fixed… that’s no fun, trust me!

project testing infographic

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Excellent infographic on how testing should be done!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Elizabeth, I like your visual representation. It helps simplify the explanation of preparing the testing part of a project.

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