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Upcoming Presentation - Session 314: Using Project Management Skills to Be the CEO of Your Career

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Upcoming Presentation - Session 314: Using Project Management Skills to Be the CEO of Your Career

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By Dr. Ahmed Zouhair
EO & Founder of PMTC, Author, and Speaker

Did you know the market is shrinking, changing, and constantly being disrupted by FAANG?

Most organizations have their own unique project management terminology. They also have their own processes, methodologies, and tools that cannot typically be transferred from one organization to another. This can often result in chaos and confusion. The good news is that most of us have been doing project management all of our lives. Everything we do is a “project”: learning to read, making the team in Little League, playing a musical instrument, getting through college, finding our spouse, finding and keeping a job, and on and on. Most of us have been practicing project management without the awareness and knowledge that we are doing so.

My session in the PMI Virtual Experience Series: 9 June program is a practical and pragmatic guide to real-world project management for your job search. I will talk about the roadmap of your job search that would lead to land your job of your dreams. I will also cover how to manage your job search as a project using the Double Diamond framework.

I remember my first job in oil and gas was with the Mudlogging Company. I found the job listing in the Houston Chronicle. The only option we had was to mail our resume to the HR manager.  Companies are looking for people who can do the job and not the tools and templates like resume, and cover letters. They are looking for people who can communicate, collaborate, and work smart to get the job done.

Job fairs, newspaper ads, and cold calling are things of the past. Today 90% of jobs today are found through networking. As an example, my last six consulting gigs were found through word of mouth. Your job search cannot be done without the alignment of people, processes, and tools that will create a faster, better, and efficient roadmap. A roadmap is a gameplan showing where you are and what you want to do to land that dream job.

Key takeaways from this session:
•    Learn the ability to unlock your hidden project management skills
•    Application of the 3 P’s (prioritization, productivity, performance) 
•    Application of the Double Diamond design thinking framework.

Interested in learning more about becoming the CEO of your career? Join this session and register today for the PMI Virtual Experience Series: 9 June.

Posted by Ahmed Zouhair on: May 03, 2022 02:33 PM | Permalink

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I was looking for the link between FAANG and the rest of your blog post. Looking forward to catching your presentation at the PMI Virtual Experience Series.

Dear Ahmed
Thank you for sharing with us what your PMI Virtual Experience Series will be like: 9 June

It aroused my curiosity.
I will surely watch it online or in deferred

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