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Inspired by this blog post [link removed] about fun ways of doing day to day things, several bloggers have come together to run a competition to capture the best ideas for having more fun in project management. 

They need your ideas to for having more fun in project management. There are prizes on offer including

  1. A copy of the Lazy Project Manager from Peter Taylor, @thelazypm
  2. A free project management distance learnng course from @paralleprojecttraining
  3. €10 from Jacques Dunselman, @pmflying

Submit your ideas here. [link removed]  The best idea will be judged in the best traditions of TV dance competition, as they say, by:

  • The Public Vote (50%)
  • Jury of @paralleprojecttraining, @pmflying and @thelazypm

The closing date is the end of December 2010 and the prizes will be awarded early in the new year.  Why is this relevant to The Money Files?  Well, it's always nice to have the opportunity for free things!

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Posted on: November 29, 2010 12:25 PM | Permalink

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Vote for PMs theme tune -

Through many LinkedIn discussions I raised the hugely important question - what should the theme tune be for all project managers?

PMs responded with 187 suggestions for this and, through assessing the most common suggestions together with ones that I just liked or made me laugh we now have a short list with 55 tunes.

You can see the full list at if you wish.

So now it is time for the vote off - you can select the 5 tunes that you think should be the PMs theme tune at

Please help to spread the word to all of your PM contacts and let’s get them voting in their hundreds.

Survey closes 23rd December.

Well, a theme tune is certainly fun! I look forward to finding out which songs made it into the top 3.

Off-line team building

PMs and teams work hard and play hard - the best time to jell with teams is off-line when everyone feels far more relaxed, at ease that will do wonders for morale and will aid the project's progress by having a get together on Friday's over a beer and or lunch. It is a building team exercise that works very well, it is motivating and brings people together and most important they feel valued. Far more achieved than formal meetings!

Vasoula, on the same line as what you suggest, I am a strong believer in the power of cakes, especially during meetings. Not quite as 'fun' as lunch, but it brings a bit of cheer to the proceedings.

What is the PMs theme tune - The Results are in

I realize this is 10 years old, but just FYI, the link to the blog post now goes to some spam/junk website.

@Wesley. Ergh, thanks for letting me know. I have removed that link now.

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