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Salaries, benefits and the training outlook for 2011

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Arras People, the specialist project management recruitment company and the people behind How to Manage a Camel, have just released their latest Project Management Benchmark Report.  This is an annual, ‘state of the industry’ UK project management study, and each year it includes information about salaries and corporate budgets.  Here are some of the highlights from this latest report.

Training budgets cut

  • Over one in five employees say that there is no training budget for this year.
  • Only 15% of employees have an agreed training budget or plan.
  • 15% of employees state that they would think about funding their own training this year, if they felt they would see adequate returns. This goes up to 47% for contractors, many of whom take advantage of courses run at the weekend.

Salaries static

  • Salaries across all respondents was flat: 41% of respondents said there was no change in their salary against last year.
  • Some people were lucky: 17% of respondents reported an increase of more than 5% (up from 12% last year).
  • Some weren’t so lucky: 18% saw their remuneration fall (down from 27% last year – at least this is improving).
  • Nearly a quarter of people reported an increase of between 1% and 5%, but this is mainly employees, not contractors.

As well as looking at salary movements, the survey gathered data on salary amounts.  The mode salary for project practitioners in the public sector is £30k to £40k: 36% of respondents fit in here. In the private sector the mode salary is the £40k to 350k band.


Part of a remuneration package is benefits: cycle hire scheme, childcare vouchers, season ticket loan, pension and so on. If you get these, consider yourself luck: 52% of employees reported that they receive no benefits.

The full 36-page Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report 2011 is available on line here.

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The URL to receive the report is wrong, here''s the correct version:

Thanks, Lindsay, I have updated the article with the correct link.

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