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How to ask for more project managers [Video]

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Do you work in a PMO and desperately need extra project managers? I’ve got some tips in this video that should help you make a pitch for the resources you need.

You’ll need to put together a proposal that explains what the person (or people) will do, when you need them, what they will be doing, and what kind of level you are anticipating recruiting at. It also helps if you can make the case for their work being directly linked to a faster delivery of business strategy – in other words, you can help the organisation meet its goals more effectively if you have the bodies on the ground to support the delivery.

There are more tips in the video.

Let me know in the comments: have you been successful in leading the charge to secure more PM resources for your delivery teams? I’d love to hear more tips about how to make the case and get the funding to grow the team!

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