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6 Considerations for Holiday Celebrations [Infographic]

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It’s holiday time! I do love December, even though the evenings are now so dark here. Perhaps that’s why it’s so special to be considering things to do to brighten up the mood. Last year was a bit of a wash out in terms of team celebration. We would have normally gone out, and we did nothing (along with the rest of the world). This year, while we’re still a virtual team working from home, perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to organise something a bit more fun. I’m thinking a virtual escape room? There are quite a few that have popped up over the past 12 months and the opportunity to do something together that isn’t work is quite appealing.

The infographic below shows some things to think about when you are planning festive celebrations for your team, if you intend to do something to mark the end of the year. Over here, we can take a Christmas theme, but if you don’t celebrate Christmas, think about how you can join in with the festivities relevant to you – or just celebrate getting through another 12 months!

My top tips are:

Plan early and get your booking in soon as many people this year will be attempting to organise something to make up for last year when teams weren’t able to get together in the same way.

Think beyond meals out: restaurants are one option but there are other things you could consider as a team, like an escape room, for example.

Send holiday cards to your team and supplier. I have digital templates every year that do the job – message me if you would like them.

Include the whole team. If someone on the team doesn’t feel ready to go out into the world yet and meet up in person, then I believe the team should adjust the celebrations to revolve around activities that everyone can do.

Know your tax: In the UK, there is a limit to what employers can spend on team gatherings for the holidays. Anything more than that and there is a personal liability involved for participants, and trust me, no one wants to get taxed on the “fun” office party. Talk to your manager or finance team if you think that’s an issue for you. In my experience, it tends to be a problem if there is a corporate event and you also want to do something as a project team, as that means some people are effectively attending two events.

Have fun! And best wishes for 2022 😊

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